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Rep. Davis gets back-to-back major endorsements

Rep. Danny K. Davis and Rev. Kurtis Blow (at microphone)

Diverse groups representing Hip Hop, Chinese, African, Ukrainians vow support

Over the weekend, Representative Danny K. Davis (D-7th) racked up back-to-back endorsements from a diverse group of South and West side clergy, from Chinatown to Ukraine Village, including prominent Hip Hop artists who say it’s time to “maintain the gain.”

More endorsements for Davis rolled in on Saturday, February 10, and on Monday, February 12, when Bishop Claude Porter, founder and overseer of the Proviso Baptist Church, said what people of the Seventh Congressional District want is clearly to “maintain our gains.” On the flip side, he added, “We don’t need a daycare center in Congress.”

Clergy for Davis held a press conference on Saturday, February 10, at Josephine’s Southern Cooking Restaurant, 436 E. 79th St., where Rep. Davis was endorsed by iconic Hip-Hop rap artists Rev. Kurtis Blow and Scola Dinero, both vowing to help in Davis’ campaign on all levels.

Blow said he is endorsing Davis to help him end the violence, especially among youth. He has made 250 rap songs “with not a word of profanity.” Blow said it’s time the Black community develops a code of ethics, and he wants to work with Davis to “help clean up our community.”

On Saturday, Davis was also endorsed by Cook County Commissioner Bill Lowry, Representative Kimberly Neely du Buclet (D-5th) and Chief Apostle William McCoy, D.D.

But it was Davis’ Monday, February 12, endorsement that saw Bishop Porter say, “We don’t need to see a list of what Rep. Davis has done. We know what he has done. What we don’t need is a daycare center in Congress,” which prompted thunderous applause.

Porter and others who attended a Monday, February 12, press conference at Reverend Michael Eaddy’s People’s Church of the Harvest, 3570 W. 5th Ave., said the people of the Seventh Congressional District need to maintain seniority.

Reverend Walter A. McCray, pastor of Greater Union M.B.C., said Davis ranks 7th out of 24 members of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and 24th of the 435 House members. He and Porter said it’s time to “maintain the gain.”

“You don’t get there if you just come in,” said Davis. “You have to be here.” Davis pointed out that he has access to President Biden, Vice President Harris and all of the leaders.

At Eaddy’s Church, Bishop Shirley Coleman gave her support to Davis, as did Elder Kevin Anthony Ford, Reverend Dr. Walter McCray, and African, Chinese, and Muslim ministers, Bishop Leonard Kayiwa, Pastor Otis Davis, Sharif Nasr and Reverend Jimmy Lee, president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Ukrainian Minister Bogdan.

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