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Rep. Danny Davis hosts birthday celebration, petition drive kickoff

Representative Danny K. Davis

Photo caption: Representative Danny K. Davis (D-7th)

While his birthday was on Wednesday, September 6, Representative Danny K. Davis (D-7th) said he will celebrate his 82nd birthday on Sunday, September 10.

The celebration will take place from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Miller Meadows 5 Forest Preserve located at 1st Avenue South of Roosevelt Road near Forest Park.

In an interview with the Chicago Crusader, Davis said, “It’s going to be a birthday celebration and campaign petition drive kickoff.” Davis is running for his 13th term.

There will be live music, food, refreshments and free parking. Donations will be accepted. Make checks payable to Davis for Congress, 5956 W. Race, Chicago, IL 60644.

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, Davis said, “I would love to have peace with a cessation of violence. I hope there will be no shootings going on that day. That would be some wonderful birthday gifts for me.”

Asked his agenda, Davis said, “It is to keep the President, keep the Senate and win back the House. It is important because Democrats would be so much better in leadership for this country than any other alternatives.”

When asked if that is based on Trump’s being indicted four times with 91 counts of criminal action, Davis, who ranks 24th among 435 members of the House of Representatives, said not necessarily. “In order to be organized and for them to function in a meaningful manner, you have to have systems.

“Much of what those in the House is based on [is] a seniority system,” explained Davis.

“Seniority means a great deal in legislative bodies. The person on Ways and Means on our side of the aisle is usually the person who has been there the longest. Individuals who chair sub-committees are usually individuals who have been on committees the longest. Seniority plays a great role in legislative decision making.”

Though none of the Democrats hold chairmanship of committees in the House, Davis is the ranking member, the Democratic lead on the Worker and Family Support Sub-Committee.

He introduced a bill that passed and was put into the Consolidated Appropriations Act that increased funding for home visits over a five-year period from $400 million a year to what will become $800 million a year during a five-year period.

“That bill alone will bring over $2 million in new money to Illinois for FY 23 and by 2027, when the full authorization ends, it will have brought the money in Illinois up to $18 million a year. That is Illinois alone, not to mention the increases in other states,” Davis told the Chicago Crusader.

When asked how much he has brought home to the 7th Congressional District, Davis said, “A lot of it. There are 23 hospitals in my congressional district, and all of them have received significant money from the federal government during the last 10 years and especially during the COVID period.

“Not only those 23 hospitals, we also have more of what is called federally qualified health centers in my District than you will find anywhere in the United States of America. All of these centers receive a significant part of their budgets from the federal government in Washington, D.C.,” Davis explained.

Asked about Representative La Shawn Ford’s (D-8th) proposed bill, that if passed would allow ex-offenders who have a felony to run for public office, Davis said, “I think that would be fine because I think if people redeem themselves in other ways, their ability to be judged by their peers as to whether or not they want them to be office holders” would be their choice.

Davis knows of one man who was a trustee in south suburban Cook County. “He was a wonderful guy, but he got into an argument with someone who knew he had a record. He filed a petition against him, and he had to give up his seat.”

Davis said that man has been working to try and get his seat back. “I think that Representative Ford has a real desire to represent people who may be considered at the bottom of things. I wish him well in terms of his bill. I will certainly be looking at it.”

He praised President Biden for his negotiations with the pharmaceutical companies for the price of 10 new drugs that millions of senior citizens use. “That will result in those individuals being able to save a lot of money when they go to the pharmacies to buy their medications,” he said.

The congressman was referring to Biden’s August 29 release of a list of 10 prescription medicines that will be subject to first-time pricing negotiations by the U.S. Medicare health program that covers 66 million people, including big-selling blood thinner Eliquis from Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer.

Davis said this is a huge victory for seniors, many of whom have to choose between food and buying medicine. “The money seniors will save is going to be off the chart.

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