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Former Ald. Dick Simpson: “We’re fighting to retain Davis”

Rep. Danny Davis and former Ald. Dick Simpson

Rep. Danny K. Davis honored by coalition fighting for “the soul of America”

Retired 44th Ward Alderman Dick Simpson told supporters this election is not only a battle to retain Representative Danny K. Davis (D-7th) but to also “save the soul of America with the help of a Congressman who has experience, integrity and seniority.”

Simpson laid out reasons why Davis should be returned to Congress during a fundraiser held on Friday, March 1, at the El Palais Bu-Sché Banquet Hall, 4628 W. Washington Blvd., attended by hundreds of supporters.

“Danny Davis is good for Chicago…for America,” said Simpson. “He is fighting against the disproportionate denials of Social Security benefits by those with sickle cell anemia.”

Referring to the Infrastructure Investment Act, Simpson said Davis has brought 252 projects worth $1.7 million to the District. “When you see water lines being taken away and replaced with new ones, thank Danny K. Davis,” he said.

Simpson said Davis has introduced legislation that will expand housing for homeless students and veterans.

“He is reducing childcare costs for working families, and for people our age he is introducing debt crisis for the senior citizens,” Simpson said. “There is too much good that Danny does to risk.

“We’re fighting in this election for the soul of America and all of the gains we’ve made over the last 50 years,” Simpson said. “If Donald Trump should be elected, we’ll lose our democracy.

Representative Danny K. Davis (D-7th)

“Danny Davis has stood with President Biden and President Obama and for progress for all these decades now, and should Trump be elected, we need Danny Davis in Congress to protect him [Biden] from the evils.”

Saying he has faith that Biden and a Democratic Congress and Senate will be elected, Simpson, referring to Davis, said, “We need someone with experience to pass the laws and pass the budgets we need to move America forward.”

Even if Biden is re-elected and if the Democrats are in the Senate and House, Simpson said, “We still face challenges. We still have systemic racism and income inequality.

“We need a new tax system in which everybody pays their fair share, and we need Danny Davis to fight that fight for us.

“We need to have public financing of campaigns, so the billionaires won’t no longer buy elections,” he said. “We need Danny Davis to be there” to end that practice.

“We need to reform our institutions. We need someone who believes in democracy to be our champion. We need to end corruption in government at all levels, and Danny K. Davis has held to standards of integrity for all these decades and years of public service.

“I trust Danny Davis to lead us into a fairer and better country,” said Simpson. “I believe that what matters is whether you did your part to re-elect Davis. He’s up at the top of the ballot.”

Simpson also urged people to vote for the referendum called “Bring Chicago Home,” which he says will produce a $100-million line item a year of new money to deal with the homeless issue in Chicago.”

Reverend Dr. Michael Eaddy, pastor of the People’s Church of the Harvest, answering a question on why Davis should be returned to Congress repeatedly, reminded supporters that during the Davis Congressional tenure “he brought $30,500,000,000 to the Seventh Congressional District.”

Chief Apostle Darryl McCoy, head of Am I My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Church, said Congressman Davis “has a heart for people.” He told of how Davis helped his daughter who was in the military. “Danny Davis is our solution. He’s got experience. He walks the talk…stay on the wall,” he bellowed.

Reverend Janette Wilson, national executive director of the PUSH Excel program, said she talks to youth all the time but in this hotly contested race, Wilson said Davis is the most educated person in Congress and praised him for “never having a scandal” during his tenure…. We need someone who is experienced,” Wilson said.

Father Larry Dowling, pastor of St. Agatha Parish, described Davis as “faithful” and a man he said who “is deeply rooted in faith and because of that he is able to challenge the craziness out there. We need to stay focused on this man who has incredible ethics, incredible integrity, and incredible love for all of God’s people. We need to support him.”

Reverend Robert Belfort, pastor of the RB Ministries, said, “One thing I was taught is that you never change horses in the middle of a race. When you got a winner, you don’t change it, and if you go to a race, you never change a thoroughbred for a donkey because you are in trouble. Our Congressman, Danny K. Davis, is a thoroughbred.

“He’s been running the race for many years,” said Belfort. “He has brought together the people, and he has not divided the people. He has brought together Black and brown voices so that we can be unified to make the changes that are needed in our country so badly.”

Belfort said Davis has gone through many negative things, and he has turned many negative things into positive ones. “There is power in one. When one person comes together, you can change anything negative into something positive. Our Congressman has done that.”

Bishop Leonard Kayiwa, author, teacher, and who ministers on Channel 36 CAN TV, said, “What is at stake right now is our democracy. America is the most powerful nation on the earth.” Praising Davis for his years of service, Bishop Kayiwa urged everyone to vote.

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