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City Council resolution honors Rev. Reginald Sharpe, Sr.

Reginald W. Sharpe, Sr. memorial

By Chinta Strausberg 

The City Council passed a resolution on Wednesday, January 24, introduced by Alderman David Moore (17th), memorializing 61-year-old Reginald W. Sharpe, Sr. He was the father of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church pastor, Reverend Reginald W. Sharpe, Jr. Reverend Sharpe, Sr. died in December of 2023. 

A member of that church where he is a deacon, Moore said, “not only did he lose his father, in the same year he lost his grandmother and recently he lost his aunt.” 

The deaths, Moore said, reminded him of a sermon he heard in 2003 in Dallas. 

“It’s called ‘Leading while Bleeding.’ Who takes care of the leaders when they bleed?” He said his pastor covers so many social justice issues, including caring for the homeless and clothing people. “We encourage your heart. We ask God to continue to cover you,” said Moore. 

The iconic Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church is in the 3rd Ward, headed by Alderman Pat Dowell, who also spoke about the importance of remembering Sharpe’s father. Alderman Will Hall (6th), who is also pastor of St. James Community Church, said to Moore, referring to Rev. Sharpe, Jr., “To my brother, my colleague who carries the cross with me in this season, remember that as you carry the cross, we’re here to support you, and as long as you remember your father, he will also help you with that cross because he’s with you on the journey.” 

Mayor Johnson said it was important to recognize the “life and legacy of Mr. Sharpe, Sr., who enriched the spirits and the fabric of our city and left behind an indelible mark on the lives of those he served.” 

Johnson said Sharpe Sr.’s life “has been a life full of leadership and good work” that has had an expansive impact on the lives of many, well behind his family and church. 

“We all should be so blessed to leave that type of mark.” Johnson prayed for the comfort of the Sharpe family. The resolution was passed by a rousing vote. 

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