Q and A with Kenwood Girl’s Soccer Coach Miguel Cedeno

By Joseph Phillips
Name: Miguel Cedeno
Position: Head Varsity Coach of Girls Soccer
School: Kenwood Academy
Mascot: Lady Broncos
Conference: Second Division South
Our Chicago Crusader Coach of The Week is Kenwood Academy Girl’s Soccer Coach Miguel Cedeno. In his second season as head coach of the Lady Broncos, Cedeno fell one point short of clinching the Second Division South conference championship to Lindblom High School back in 2015-16.
CC: How excited are you about the upcoming season for girls soccer?
MC: I’m really excited this year. We have a great group of young lady’s returning this season with the potential to compete on a high level in the Chicago Public League. We should be able to play with some of the best schools in the city, both conference and non conference.
CC: What are your short-term goals for this years team?
MC: My short term goals is to see this group of young lady’s come together as a team.
CC: When comes to intermediate goals for this team, what would you like to accomplish?
MC: My intermediate goals is to get through our non conference schedule without any injuries. In addition to getting off to a great start.
CC: With your short-term and intermediate goals in place, what would you like for this team to accomplish long-term. Mainly end of season?
MC: Our long-term goal is to win the city championship. It will be a great honor for the school, the coaches and the players after watching Lane Tech High School win two of the last three city titles (three years ago). Winning the city championship allows us to think about the future or the big picture, with dreams of one day winning the state title.
CC: Are there any coaching legends you admire or pattern your philosophy or coaching style after?
MC: Yes, coach Stan Mietus of Kelly High School, he is entering his 33rd season as the Trojans head coach. He’s won multiple city championships throughout the years and helped develop many great young women and men in society.
CC: If you can sum it up in three words, what would you like your legacy to be as a head coach?
MC: That I was passionate, competitive and a teacher of the game.

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