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Daily Archives: Jul 10, 2021

Before a $1 million donation, Jennifer Maddox’s youth program rose above setbacks, tragedy and financial hardships

Chicago has been under tornado watches, storms and rain since last week. But on the Monday morning of June 28, the skies were blue, and...

Mother, relatives of Tionda and Diamond Bradley seek closure after 20-year search for missing girls

At a press conference held in Taylor Park, 48th and State Street, late Tuesday, July 6, the mother of Tionda and Diamond Bradley said the...

Gary Commission participates in domestic violence reduction campaign

The #INAgainstDA campaign breaks away from many domestic violence campaigns by turning its focus from survivors of domestic abuse and violence to bystanders and...

Katie Hall Educational Foundation remembers President Lincoln

The Katie Hall Educational Foundation will remember United States President Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois on Saturday,...
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