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Voter “indecision” just another form of confessing political cowardice

Donald Trump (left) and President Joe Biden (right)

The 2024 election process is already exasperating, with months to go before voters go to the polls. Here is some old-fashioned, simple advice for voters serious about the outcome of the next election, “calm down… it’s going to be all right.”

This entire ordeal has been complicated by too many things to mention, not least of which is that one of the two candidates has been indicted four times on 91 charges of criminal misconduct.

Under ordinary circumstances, that would be enough to decide the candidate’s fate, and any reasonable person would be wondering why there is even debate on the issue. But reasonable is non-existent in this climate.

Take the age issue, one candidate is 81 years old and portrayed as a fumbling, sleepy, shy individual in whom we might be in danger to place our trust. The other candidate is only four years younger, 77 years old. How can age be a factor with two people so close in age they would have attended high school at the same time.

And how can age be so troubling when evidence of capacity to perform has been so clearly demonstrated by the incumbent. Both candidates have stumbled going on and off the stage. Both of them have been accused of verbal gaffes while speaking. What is the distinction that makes it so important to examine the 81-year-old who is proven efficient and ignore the 77 years his opponent has spent in life.

To be candid, of the two, one has a much more suspicious past. Bankrupt seven times, guilty of racial discrimination lawsuits in terms of renting space to minority seekers. Guilty of being absolutely wrong about the Central Park tragedy. Even confronting his mistake, which included a full-page ad in the New York Times, he said the individuals accused needed to be executed.

That was our first hint that he had no regard for the judicial system. He is manifesting that Rado in countless contempt of court violations, and nobody seems to care. He remains a vicious, racist, misogynistic xenophobe, and his aggressive lack of compassion for the international community grows with each passing day.

As for the 81-year-old being called incompetent, he has lowered prescription costs, given student rebates for college tuition, addressed inflation, increased employment, and improved relationships with all world leaders. He has improved the environment and infrastructure, enhanced race relations, and is working vigorously to address other critical concerns. What could the issue possibly be?

Some sum it up using the theory that the younger candidate wants a wider America, and the older candidate still sees this nation as being a melting pot that represents many.

This election should not be that tough. One man wants to be an autocrat and run the nation with an iron hand. The other believes in democracy and diplomacy. If that’s not enough to help you make up your mind, you shouldn’t vote.

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