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The New Year has started out with a bang! Normally, this would be a good thing, but the problem is that a lot of movement is going in the wrong direction. We are speeding backwards in the direction of serious community dysfunction as we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the birth of the late, great minister, political activist and freedom fighter, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

An interesting and titillating series of events in this regard involves one of America’s top comedians, Katt Williams, trending to an astonishing extent on social media due to a recent podcast. Katt recently spilled plenty of hot “tea” on some of his fellow comedians, on Shannon Sharpe’s online show, “Club Shay Shay.”

People Katt has thrown under the bus include Cedric, the Entertainer; Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart, among others. Criticism has ranged from people who have allegedly stolen material from him to their personal appearance and skill (or lack of it) as comedians. It has been said those he is putting on blast are people with whom he has had beef.

The broadcast garnered an incredible 14 million views in just two days and is still trending. Overwhelmingly, audiences are applauding Katt’s performance and saying that he didn’t lie, calling him a genius. Technically, he IS a genius with a reported I.Q. of 163!

Katt is an astute observer of society, which contributes to his popularity.

It must be said, however, that everyone does not see the world with the same eyes; some observations are, indeed, jaundiced. People tend to judge others based on personal biases, which may, or may not, be accurate. A comedian who is seen as “trash” in one person’s eyes may be seen as outstanding by others.

Whatever the case, Katt’s take on things is controversial and has lit a fire among Black comics and the public. The only regret some people have is that Black people are publicly attacking each other, which is embarrassing.

Katt, slated for an upcoming tour, will no doubt greatly benefit from the incredibly positive feedback that has resulted from his decision to “expose” his colleagues. It’s just sad, however, that this incredible spurt of adoration and love couldn’t happen without him throwing folks under the proverbial bus! The fans consider this situation as highly entertaining, but actually, he may be speeding backwards at an accelerated pace on the backs of those who are problematic in his eyes. The irony, interestingly, is that so far, Katt hasn’t revealed anything that is devastatingly outrageous.

Additional public figures casting a negative light on fellow Black public figures include 50 Cent, the venerable rapper and businessman who is targeting the beleaguered Sean “Diddy” Combs for alleged transgressions; Diddy’s bodyguard, who is also spilling unpleasant tea about the mogul; and T.D. Jake’s bodyguard, who is “exposing” this popular preacher.

Others on potentially damaging exposé lists for one reason or another include Jay- Z; Beyoncé; Tyler Perry; Oprah Winfrey and others. Allegations against these people have not been proven, but audiences are titillated about the alleged wrongdoing they are said to have done, or are allegedly doing.

The bottom line is that it seems that anyone, especially a Black person, who has met with certain successes is automatically being judged as an enemy of the Black community!

It has taken many years for Blacks to reach a level of acceptance in the United States, wherein personal and economic rewards are being received. But at the rate things are progressing, many Black people will not be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is because, based on their success, they will be seen as sell-outs, traitors, members of the “Illuminati,” or be subjected to other negative aspersions cast upon them.

In this regard, the Black community, which is gaining momentum in achievement, is speeding backwards in the opposite direction from that which Dr. King paved. People are absolutely loving the “tea” resulting from the blow-back generated by multiple exposés. This has got to change; we need to move forward!


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