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Most people have been lamenting the challenges that we faced in 2020, and most were anticipating things to turn out much better in 2021. Improvement remains to be seen. The truth of the matter is that nothing will change until we change it. If you have a wheel and the hub is out of place, you can replace the spokes one at a time, but each one will pop out because the center isn’t in place. That’s how it is with our lives and our communities.

Donald Trump has emerged as the poster child of division; he is a master of the science of division. His strategy is that of turning people against each other in order to sow dissension. He is a master at this, so much so, that a large swath of the American public believes whatever he says. The disinformation that has been spread by Trumpians has turned the United States upside down. His strategy works because Trump has taken love out of the total equation; he just uses it among his supporters. He plays both sides against the middle.

Now, when we think about issues in the African American community, we have the same problem. People seem to think that if the problems of white supremacy and racism are resolved, everything would be hunky dory in the Black community.

This, however, is a fallacy. If these problems disappeared overnight, something else would move in to take their place. That’s because you can’t fix one part of a problem without addressing the hub of the problem, the core issues.

The issues most likely to cause a greater focus if white supremacy disappeared, the gang problem and community crime, including domestic violence and robbery, burglary, et al, would replace the issues that had previously been removed, i.e., police brutality, for example.

Basically, in order to fix things in the community and in our country as a whole, internal AND external issues will have to be addressed at the same time. The lack of understanding this idea is one of the reasons why people in the community repeatedly complain about the lack of progress.

Another area in which this is evident is the area of economic development. For example, because so many African American youth are dropping out of school or are doing poorly in school, people are now calling for giving more attention to vocational training. But even in this situation, in order for the students to succeed in vocational training, they will have to give the same attention to self-development as they would in regular school in order to achieve in the vocational arena.

Once again, if the center is out of place, no matter what one does the efforts will not reap rewards. This goes for ANY positive change that we want to see in our communities.

This is a new year, and if we want to see real, positive change, we must understand the Science of Love. In other words, we must bring the opposite sides of a problem together in order to create a synthesis; we must address the issue of the hub, of the central factor, of the glue.

Along these same lines, the focus of most of our youth is on entertainment and sports. Yet we tend to complain about the fact that they don’t qualify for jobs outside of these areas. Literacy is not given the same focus as rapping, sports, hustling, and more. They are not addressing the central point.

The real bottom line is that unless we learn to use the Science of Love, i.e., the ability to work both sides of a situation, we will never solve our problems. The problems in our community will not be solved by addressing, one side of a situation; both sides must receive attention if we are to achieve success.

This idea, “love,” will find us whistling in the wind if it is absent. We will never, ever progress without understanding it. As we go forward in the New Year, 2021, we must keep this idea in mind.

Donald Trump and many of his minions understand this idea very well; they are unified in their efforts to help Trump overthrow the results of the election, and they represent a formidable force. The opposition, i.e., those who oppose Trump must unify among themselves in order to provide a strong oppositional force.

The Science of Love, the people working together in unity to accomplish anything, will see positive results if they are consistent in their unity. Dr. King was basically talking about the Science of Love, although he didn’t use those words and this is true about any successful Black leader; they are talking about unifying.

We need to realize this and understand this; nothing will happen unless we take this idea seriously!!! A Luta Continua.

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