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The 2024 Easter Holiday was celebrated on Sunday, March 31. Interestingly, Easter is the one holiday that is celebrated based on the annual position of the moon and, because of this, it is observed on different dates each year.

Basically, Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

The season of Lent is also determined by the position of the Moon, because it is determined by Easter’s date and the season is determined from that day. In 2024, Lent began on Wednesday, February 14 (Ash Wednesday), and Holy Thursday is March 28. Good Friday is March 29. It is customary to give up something that you value during the season of Lent.

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection are based on the time of the Jewish Passover. He was said to have been crucified on Good Friday and arose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Easter, therefore, can be considered a time for renewal.

This is probably one of the reasons that the image of the Easter Bunny is prominent during this period. Rabbits are known for being prolific breeders, and Easter eggs are their progeny. During the Easter observances people hide colorful Easter eggs, which must be found, usually by younger people.

This might be interpreted as a person’s quest for renewal, or rebirth. The new clothes that are often part of this celebration might also be symbolic of the concept of “newness” and rebirth in sync.

With that said, it might be prudent to assess this season with the current state of Black America. The community is definitely in need of some newness, of renewal. The community seems to be in the process of imploding with internal hatred running rampant.

The following are examples of video titles on YouTube that demonstrate a need for healing and renewal sorely needed among Black people.

“Marlon Wayans Reveals Why He’ll Never Cast Tiffany Haddish in Any of his Movies;” “Beyonce’s Sister Solange Goes Off On Jay Z for Starting Beef Between Her and Erykah Badu;” “Mike Epps’ Wife Walks Out;” “Roland Martin calls Vicki Dillard OUT Of Her Name Over BGR + Tik Tok;” “Nene VS Porsha;” “Shocking & Unthinkable Allegations Made Against Diddy by Male Producer;” “Ray J & Princess Fake Divorce;” “This Is Why NOBODY Attended Steve Harvey’s TV Sitcom Reunion.”

Continuing, “Haiti’s Humanitarian Crisis Worsens;” “Lil Kim Finally Speaks on Diddy Treating Women Like Dirt;” “TD Jakes Scandal;” “This Is Why Amanda Seales Has Been Black Balled From ‘Some’ Spaces In Hollywood;” “Nicki Minaj Finally Speaks Out On Diddy’s Relationship with Her Ex –‘Tried to Steal Him;” “Cardi B Tells Truth About Glorilla – Lying about Shakira;” “Diddy Fan’s Death Threats On IG Feed.”

Also, “Beyonce Called Out For American Flag,” Shannon Sharpe Sides With TIP & D. L. Hughley vs Monique;” “MaraLee Exposes Tristan;” “50 Cent Exposes Beyonce For Being Even Worse Than Jay Z;” “Drama Begins As Jaafar Jackson Is Set To Play Michael Jackson in Upcoming Biopic;” “Faizon Love Threatens To Put Hands On Kountry Wayne For Going Off on Godfrey;” “Kenan and Kel Producer Outed For Alleged ‘Child Abuse’ On Set.”

These are just a few of the current headlines on social media, and they do not include the current criticism of Beyonce for copying Erykah Badu’s hairstyle or Katt Williams’ criticism of a lot of fellow comics, and much, much more!

Admittedly, people on social media tend to like sensationalism and drama. Coupled with this is the broader environment influenced by Donald Trump’s irreverent comments about “vermin” immigrants, which lends to the toxic atmosphere that is influencing people.

This spate of negativity may be why so many people are talking about this being the “end times.” Maybe, maybe not, but we can certainly hope that we will be able to look forward to a renewal that brings on the “end times” of our inhumanity toward each other! Happy Easter. A Luta Continua.

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