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According to certain pundits, we have entered the Age of Aquarius, although an exact date of egress into that astrological sign differs from person to person. It’s also said that the universe is over 13.7 billion years old. Moreover, there are between 100 to 200 billion galaxies in our universe, with several estimates rising to 2 trillion. 

Furthermore, there are said to be about 51 galaxies in our local galaxy and about 100,000 that are observable. There is an estimate of 100 galaxies in the Local Supercluster with an estimate of 100 billion in the observable universe. Our galaxy, known as the Milky Way, is where we live. 

Regarding the foregoing, because of the characteristic dark areas in the Milky Way, it is difficult to actually count the number of stars in our galaxy. In addition scientists have a term that is used to measure distance; it is called a “Light Year.” This is the distance light travels in one year, which is 6 trillion miles! 

In addition to this incredibly huge number connected with the size of the universe, there is a theory that we really exist in a “Multiverse,” which is a number of universes. 

Now think about that…if we do reside within a cluster of universes, there is a strong probability that some of them are populated. Think about how many people that is. The Earth is said to be the home of 8.1 billion souls (as of 2023). According to some estimates, the average person knows more than 150 people, and most people will meet about 80,000 people during their lifetimes. 

Considering these huge numbers, most people don’t even know all of their neighbors. Also, in America for example, there are entire cities that many people don’t even know exist. Imagine that…! It boggles the mind to think about how much we DON’T know about life around us. 

If we think about it, there is so much we don’t know about one another that it is amazing to think about how we allow differences in our belief systems to keep us separated. 

When thinking about how we interact with each other, i.e., engaging in perpetual warfare and crime, pundits—who may or may not have the factual knowledge needed—might turn out to spread erroneous information. However, society and collective knowledge increase with time. 

Basically, if we would recognize that we don’t have all of the knowledge, we might see how our lives with people we don’t even know can influence our lives. More importantly, we cut ourselves off from wisdom whenever we close our minds and insist on making decisions about things that can result in miscommunication. 

We are surrounded by people who don’t have a clue about the true nature of life because we don’t know ourselves. Sometimes people spread incorrect information due to close-mindedness. 

Now, it would benefit us if we could open our minds about formerly held beliefs. This is one of the things that will probably change the way we harbor erroneous thoughts. 

For example, it is popular for people to say that we’re alone in the universe. Question: how can people possibly believe that we, with the numbers highlighted, believe we are alone? 

Actually, there are numerous individuals of all races on Earth who have said they have seen what are called “extraterrestrials,” but the majority of people refuse to believe them. This is a giant case of illogical thinking. How can ANYONE on our planet say with certainty that there is no life ANYWHERE ELSE in the universe, based on how much we don’t even know about life on Earth. We have not even left our solar system! 

With that said, we should seek to evolve to a point where we recognize the need to enhance our logic muscles. To adamantly insist that we are alone in this huge universe (multiverse?) is the height of arrogance! As we move into this new age, we need to develop a better strategy, a more logical one, in order to mature as a thinking species. Hopefully, this approach can help remove our inhumanity to each other and result in a new maturity as a species. A Luta Continua! 

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