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There is an important secret hidden in plain sight, which if properly understood, could benefit everyone. The secret? We literally create our own reality! Actually, we’ve heard this forever, but most people observing the diversity of apparent fortunes seen in the human family intuitively disregard the wisdom of this idea.

Why do people have to work to uncover the alleged truth of the notion that we create our own reality?

In short, it is hard to embrace the concept that we are responsible for everything that happens to us. This is due to the idea that we don’t always understand how to connect the dots between what happens in our lives and our “Karma.” According to those in the know, we do reap what we sow.

The idea of Karma is a hard pill to swallow. This is because it is not always apparent that the challenges people face are connected with something they did or did NOT do.

Something is missing. What is often missing is the refusal among many people to accept their faults and missteps. They are reluctant to consider the idea that as human beings, we are experiencing a life in the flesh, but we are also the spirit and soul that occupies our bodies.

Moreover, if it is really true that we will experience life after death, we might realize that our “real selves” are not the bodies we wear, but are, in fact, the engine that drives our bodies while we are “alive.”

Moving forward, the previous mention of the idea that we create our own reality is just one of many secrets connected with our lives in this world.

In this regard, considering the vastness of our known universe, or “multiverse,” there are a multitude of theories that audition on the stage of our lives under the guise of “truth.” Because of this, it can become very confusing when trying to sort everything appropriately.

Ultimately, humanity appears to be at a crossroads when it comes to the survival of our species, and many people seem to be “waking up.” This new trend of “woke” culture has, inexplicably, become attached to close-minded, backward people as viewed by some of the political elite and other key players in the global hierarchy. In other words, there is a culture of skepticism surrounding the mystery of life and our responses to it. Because of this, there are a few things that humanity must consider as we attempt to glean meaning regarding our lives.

Chief among these is the idea that our lives have meaning as opposed to us just being born, experience trials and tribulations, and then die. Is that all there is?

Actually, the message that seems to resonate with the majority of people in “civilized” enclaves is that fate and its attendant powerlessness is the essence of reality. So, before humanity makes additional progress (spiritual, not necessarily technological) it will require that we open our minds and consider new options.

Now, as long as we don’t really know why we were born in the circumstances that we endure, we will need to seek the answers in order to make informed decisions when planning the future course of our lives. Ultimately, at this point in the history of humanity, we don’t know enough about the whys and wherefores of life and, because of this, we should be willing to question some of our long-held beliefs.

We may not have ALL of the answers, but the quest for knowledge, in itself, is a catalyst for spiritual growth. In this regard, bigots will have the most to lose because they are often not willing to accept new information that could help them chart a better future for themselves.

With this said, living the examined life, the life wherein the search for meaning dominates, can go the distance in creating better lives for ourselves and our posterity. And hopefully, during the course of living, we reach an understanding of the truth behind why wise people assert that we create our own realities. A Luta Continua.

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