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You Have Power When You Vote!

Power. That’s what it’s all about. The power to change life, your neighborhood, a nation and yes even the world is at the ballot box, not just the banks, courtrooms or boardrooms. Centuries ago, Blacks had no power because they weren’t allowed to vote. They had no say in government or the oppression they faced. Protests and marches are fine, but they are so common these days, that they rarely make the same difference as voting. The president who vowed to Make America Great Again would have been the same president who would have led this country during the pandemic, which he labeled as a hoax as tens of thousands of people were dying. Some were fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Power is something everyone loves to have in their lives. When you don’t vote, you give up power that few people in other countries don’t have. Vote!

A Case for President Joe Biden

In his first term as president, Biden and the nation’s first Black president had a difficult time. The pandemic claimed nearly 160,000 Blacks across the country. Decades of healthcare inequities were exposed as the disease wiped out communities and families across America.

It would have been a lot worse under his predecessor, Donald Trump, who called the pandemic a hoax when it struck America just three months after America elected Joseph Biden President of the United State.

Today, the pandemic has faded and many lives have returned to normal. As Blacks, we know that’s not saying much.

But things could be catastrophic should Trump take the White House once again. Trump needs to be stopped or this madman will shred the U.S. Justice System to halt all the criminal cases that have been brought against him since he incited the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol.

That doesn’t mean Biden is off the hook. But despite of his flaws, he’s better than Trump, a desperate politician who will do anything and everything to get elected. He cannot be trusted and his actions prove why.

Let’s not forget that during Trump’s presidency, racist incidents against Blacks and Black churches increased. White supremacist and extremist groups orchestrated hate rallies and infiltrated members of Congress and local governments. A Trump 2.0 presidency will do far more damage. He must be stopped.

The Crusader appreciates Biden’s efforts to forgive student loan debt, an initiative heavily opposed by Republicans. The Crusader also applauds Biden for giving millions of dollars to help struggling HBCU schools.

And we do remember that Biden kept his promise in nominating a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court.

With growing incidents of racist home appraisals across the country, we appreciate Biden’s effort to address the situation with policies and action.

The Crusader acknowledges the frustrations of many Blacks toward Biden and the Democratic Party. Biden’s policies to help Black America have left much to be desired. Migrants are flooding Black neighborhoods with the help of hundreds of millions of dollars in resources that could have been used to help existing residents.

An America led by a raging Trump with an ax to grind will be much worse. Voting rights have already been rolled back in conservative states. Affirmative Action in college admissions has been struck down by a conservative Supreme Court that Trump built with the help of misguided and narrow-minded Republicans. This week, a judge in Texas struck down the 55-year-old Minority Business Development organization, ruling that it’s unconstitutional and should be open to all races.

For all his political grandstanding and racist tropes, Trump is not for Blacks. He doesn’t like Black people and never will.

Let’s not forget that Trump and his father discriminated against hundreds of Black applicants seeking apartments in Queens, NY and settled the matter with the U.S. Justice Department.

Let’s not forget that Trump took out a full page ad in the New York Times castrating the Central Park 5 Black men who were later acquitted of assaulting a white jogger in the 1990s. Trump never apologized for this because he still believes to this day he has done nothing wrong.

Let’s not forget that Trump in 2020 on national television refused to denounce the white supremacist group The Proud Boys during a campaign debate. We haven’t forgotten the real Trump. Neither should you.

Recently an AI generated photo circulated of Trump with a group of young Blacks during the holiday. It’s classic Trump, a fake president with a fake photo. We’re not buying this so-called Blacks for Trump movement. Remember Omarosa? She was for Trump until she was fired from the White House. That was no reality TV. That was real.

These past four years, we have seen the damage Trump has caused our people. The right to choose an abortion is no longer protected by our Constitution. This was just the beginning of a conservative movement hijacked by Trump and kept going even after he was booted from the White House.

Conditions for Black people in the U.S. will be much worse with Trump back in power. Let’s keep Biden in office and step up our political activism as a way to make Democrats listen and bend to our will.

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