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We need you! Join the Fertile Ground Community Ensemble!

This past weekend, Deeply Rooted & BIG hosted a volunteer Community Casting Call for the upcoming production titled Fertile Ground: Celebrating the Great Migration and Green Living in Black Chicago. This community performance, co-presented by Deeply Rooted and Blacks in Green, will take place on August 12 at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts.

Fertile Ground is planned as a Creative Communities Story Bridge performance, which is a large-cast play performed by ordinary people of every age, race, and socioeconomic background.

This weekend, there was so much beautiful energy and talent in the room, we wanted to share a behind-the-scenes short video of the Casting Call event with you.

We are still looking for a few more cast members to join the community ensemble. Will you join us and help us reach more people by spreading the word?

Please contact Ariel Bettis of Deeply Rooted Productions if you’re interested in joining the cast:

[email protected]

(630) 474-5073

Below, you’ll find the rehearsal & performance schedule and photos from the Community Casting Call.


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Our two-week rehearsal and performance schedule is below. Don’t worry about conflicts, we will work around everyone’s schedules whenever possible. We look forward to seeing you on July 30th!


Attendees from this weekend’s casting call were led by Daniel Bryant (Fertile Ground director) and Kevin Iega Jeff (Deeply Rooted’s co-founder and creative director) practiced group movement to get the blood flowing and muscles working, read & sang, and got an overview of the next few weeks of practice sessions leading up to the performance on August 12.


If you’d like to dive deeper to learn what the Story Bridge Performance process looks like, check out this video featuring Deeply Rooted’s co-founder and creative director of Deeply Rooted Productions, Kevin Iega Jeff.

Iega is a Story Bridge artist who has worked for 20 years at the grassroots level with communities to tell their true stories through theatrical arts. This same process is applied to develop our Fertile Ground production!

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