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Vote As If Your Life Depended On It


In the last two years of President Donald Trump’s administration, there has been a constant attack on people of color, immigrants, women and our basic civil and human rights.

Trump, with the help of GOP-led Congress, has sought to dismantle many of the programs instituted by the Obama administration. In their first legislative session, Congress and Trump worked day and night to repeal Obama’s signature legislation- the Affordable Care Act. Failing to get the necessary votes to abolish the health care law, administration officials tried to dismantle the program piece by piece.

The attack on both Latin immigrants and Muslims appears to be an obsession of the president, who is constantly trying to find a way to kick both groups out of this country.

Americans in the past two years have been bombarded with Trump’s hate-filled tweets or comments made during news interviews with his Fox News, which is favorite media outlet.

Trump’s vitriolic messages have empowered many white supremacists who have terrorized or killed innocent Americans in Charlottesville, Pittsburgh and Louisville.

Clearly these are troubled times that we are living in. You should take your concerns to the polls to let your voice be heard.

It is not the time to sit on the sidelines and bemoan about the tragic events that have rocked this country. Now is the time for action, and there is no better way to get involved than exercising your civic duty by voting.

The following are candidates we are recommending for your consideration on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

220px Joe Donnelly official portrait 113th Congress
Senator Donnelly Joe

Sen. Joe Donnelly, in Washington D.C. and Indiana, has proven to be a tireless champion who has addressed the needs and concerns of his constituents. He advocated for healthcare and jobs. He supported the Affordable Health Care Act and introduced a jobs training program for all Hoosiers. He will continue to work on our behalf.

Pete Visclosky official photo
Congressman Pete Visclosky

Congressman Pete Visclosky through numerous pieces of legislation has shown that he is skilled in growing and developing the 1st Congressional District. In Gary, he has worked to provide funding for projects such as the development of the Gary Airport. He also fought to improve Gary’s lake shore and other parts of the city. We need him in Washington to continue to work on our behalf.



Jim Harper

As Secretary of State, Jim Harper will work to inspire citizens to vote and become more active in their government. He will fight to end political gerrymandering by supporting the formation of an appointed redistricting commission. Harper  supports small business development and will fight for financial assistance to first time business owners. He will bring a fresh new perspective to Indiana government and the Secretary of State’s office.

Joselyn Whittaker
Joselyn Whittaker

As a former educator, businessowner and elected official, Joselyn Whittaker is aware of the need to address the fiscal needs of a city school district and the state. As the state’s chief financial officer, she will ensure diligent oversight of the state’s funds and revenue.

John Aguiilera
John Aguilera

As a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, Aguilera has had a front seat in the workings of state government. As treasurer, Aguilera brings a track record and financial background that will promote transparency, inclusion and diversity in overseeing the numerous boards and funds that the State Treasurer has responsibility for. Aguilera will be a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility in state government.

The Indiana House like the Indiana Senate is under Republican control. However, there are a few Democrats in the general assembly who have proven to be effective when it comes to serving the need of their constituents. They are Dr. Vernon Smith and Earl Harris Jr. Next year, they will be joined by Ragen Hatcher. Like Smith, Hatcher comes to the general assembly after spending several years in the Gary City Council. That time spent at City Hall has earned Hatcher a political savvy that will help her meet the challenges in the state capitol.

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