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Virginia girl helps aunt who went into labor at home with what she learned on YouTube

By Shomari Stone and Willian Avila, NBC Washington

When Chloe Carrion’s aunt passed out after unexpectedly giving birth at their Virginia home, the quick-thinking 10-year-old girl called 911 and cared for the newborn just the way she had seen it been done in YouTube videos.

Chloe was with her 21-year-old aunt, Dominique Spann, Tuesday afternoon when the woman started feeling ill. Spann went to the bathroom, then called for Chloe when she realized she was going into labor.

“She screamed my name saying, ‘Chloe,’ and I came and she’s like, ‘There’s a baby,'” Chloe said. “She had lost a lot of blood. She had fell down and she passed out. So I grabbed the baby and called 911.”


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