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Village of Lynwood dedicates new Veterans Memorial

Village of Lynwood dedicates new Veterans Memorial

Jada D. Curry, mayor of Lynwood, Illinois, was joined by the Lynwood Village Board, regional elected officials and over 200 residents as Lynwood unveiled its new Veterans Memorial honoring the many military veterans who have served. The Center of Islamic Studies sponsored the new tribute.

The CIS has been operating since 2007 and has made its mission to pour resources into projects that are built on humility, honor, and innovation. The Center of Islamic Studies aims to educate scholars and students of Islam and other faiths about the richness of the Islamic tradition and diversity.

CIS also generates innovative research and scholarship on Islamic texts and traditions in contemporary contexts along with public engagement, the basis of scholarship and service for projects.

For many, Memorial Day is a time to enjoy family and loved ones and share a moment of thankfulness for life as we know it. This year for many Americans, life is a bit different.

In a recent statement, an elderly resident mentioned, “This Memorial Day, I’m just thankful to be alive as our country is healing from the ongoing loss of students, grocery store shootings, and things we as people couldn’t possibly imagine.”

Mayor Curry added, “More than ever, we should all be living with a little bit more honor for those who have come before us and those who will come after us. This was a great day of fellowship filled with great gratitude for our beloved veterans.”

The new tribute site for veterans is located at Liberty Memorial Park, 3107 Glenwood Dyer Road. The Village of Lynwood area residents were present to honor the many heroes who have served.

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