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Utah company recruiting customers after citing production problems and refusing refunds

Smilelove has multiple Hoosier victims 

A business based in Sandy, Utah, called Smilelove is causing concern for the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Smilelove, providers of clear plastic aligners to consumers across the country, recently told customers that their aligners not only would not be shipped, but that they would not be issuing refunds. Despite this, Smilelove is still actively recruiting new clients on their website without a clear warning that the company is experiencing problems with service and delivery.

In a recent message posted to Smilelove’s blog last month, the company informed consumers that prices were increasing, employees were being let go and that both marketing and customer service efforts would increase to better address the lack of sales Smilelove is experiencing due to COVID-19.

“Smilelove is claiming they aren’t servicing current customers who have paid because they do not have the money,” said Marjorie Stephens, President and CEO of BBB Serving Northern Indiana. “That’s a problem.”

A Spencerville woman ordered from Smilelove, but she still has never received her product – after paying the company more than $1,300.

“They keep making excuses as to why they cannot provide the product. It is due to being behind,” the woman said. “They have told me several times they would refund my account but never did it. I have correspondence through email but never, ever get a call back when I call and leave a message.”

BBB reports that while once responsive, Smilelove has since stopped answering complaints sent in by consumers to BBB. In addition, BBB reports that Smilelove’s number of complaints has increased from an average of less than 50 per month to 113 in the past week from customers in 49 states.

In one of the automated replies sent to BBB in response to a complaint, Smilelove says they are using the government’s Payroll Protection Plan, but it’s not enough to keep production going or offer refunds.

“Financially, we’re not in a position to process them,” Smilelove’s email said, before directing consumers to the blog post on their website.

“We’re pushing forward to get new orders. The more orders we get under this new plan, the faster and better we’ll be able to service existing orders like yours.”

Currently, going from Smilelove’s homepage to the checkout page has no mention of product delays due to COVID-19 or other concerns.

“There is no guarantee that the business will actually be able to service new – or existing – customers with the products they ordered. Purchasing anything from Smilelove right now is very risky for consumers,” Stephens said.

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