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‘Uncle Tom’: Georgia Senator rips Clarence Thomas amid debate about proposed Statue of Judge

By Zack Linly, NewsOne

In today’s episode of Well, To Be Fair, His Name Is Thomas And I’m Sure He’s Somebody’s Uncle, a Georgia legislator kept it a little too real for white comfort on Tuesday when he called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom” right on Georgia’s state Senate floor during a debate about whether to place a statue of Thomas in the Georgia Capitol.

In fact, not only did Democratic state Sen. Emanuel Jones keep it one hundred about Thomas being the Uncle Ruckus of Judge Judys, but he essentially told white people straight up: This conversation ain’t for you!

“I’m just trying to tell you what we have in the African American community when we talk about a person of color that goes back historically to the days of slavery and that person betraying his own community – we have a term in the Black community,” Jones said. “That term that we use is called ‘Uncle Tom.’ An Uncle Tom… talks about a person who back during the days of slavery sold his soul to the slave masters.”

“So when we think about a person in the Black community who’s accomplished but yet [whose] policies seek to subvert, some may even say suppress, the achievements and the accomplishments of people of color, I couldn’t help but to think about that term in expressing my dissatisfaction with this particular legislation,” Jones continued.

Jones likely heard the quiet mumblings of offended Caucasians in the state Senate stands, and he’s clearly familiar with the way white fragility centers itself in every conversation about race, even the ones that don’t directly involve them, so he continued to not bother mincing words when he said: “Y’all just don’t get it! And I don’t expect people of non-color to get the sensitivity we feel about a person of color whose policies and practices and decisions on votes that we’ve rallied and fought against.

As I’ve mentioned before when Black conservatives were being called this name, Uncle Tom was the abolitionist hero in the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which is why the name has always been a misnomer used to describe Black sellouts to white supremacy. But other than that, Jones did not tell one lie.

And it’s not like Jones is the first person to say it. Hell, when civil rights icon Rosa Parks penned a letteropposing Thomas’ confirmation to the Supreme Court, she pretty much called him an Uncle Tom without calling him an Uncle Tom, while expressing many of the same sentiments Jones did Tuesday.

“His confirmation to the highest court in the land would not represent a step forward in the road to racial progress but a u-turn on that road,” Parks wrote, adding that, “His statements on Brown v. Board of Education case… and even on the Roe v. Wade to me indicate that he wants to push the clock back… The Supreme Court now appears to be turning its back on the undeniable fact of discrimination and exclusion …I believe that Judge Thomas will accelerate that trend and that will be destructive for our nation.”

Seriously, can’t Republicans find some sunken place Capitol building where a Clarence Thomas monument can serve as the House Negro Statue of Anti-Black Liberty? (The plaque could read, “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. Nah, I’m bullsh-tin’, just bring more white people to pat my head!”)

Unfortunately, according to Fox News, the Republican-led state Senate voted 32-20 along party lines to erect the statue of Thomas, because Republicans love Black people who advocate for white nationalism almost as much as they love banning critical race theory, lying about voter fraud in order to suppress the Black vote, shutting down police reform legislation and filtering Black history through a lens designed to protect white delusion…sorry, I mean “patriotism.”

This article originally appeared on NewsOne.

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