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Uncle of Laquan McDonald outraged over FOP hiring of Van Dyke

By Chinta Strausberg

Pastor Marvin Hunter, from Grace Memorial Baptist Church who is the great uncle of Laquan McDonald, Wednesday voiced concern over the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) reportedly hiring McDonald’s murderer, former officer Jason Van Dyke as a janitor.

“It looks like a conflict of interest in hiring Van Dyke. The police union is making it tough for the Chicago police officers because as they and the city try to rebuild trust with the community, they are splitting the trust that we have by taking this stance and making it look like they are going to give the man a pass,” said Hunter.

“I think the FOP has overstepped its bounds” by hiring Van Dyke sending mixed signals to the public over a very emotional shooting incident that led to the defeat of State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez who withheld the video for 400-days before releasing it to the public. “The FOP should have stayed out of this until after Van Dyke’s trial.”

Father Michael L. Pfleger posted his outrage on his Facebook page. “The police union says to Chicago we don’t give a damn what he did or what you think …that he is one of ours, and we are going to take care of him.

“We get a new police superintendent who is trying to restore police and community relations and the union just set them back all over again. This is a disgrace. Fire the whole union,” Pfleger wrote. “Every union members should demand that he be fired.”

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