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Tyson Gay urged Lexington, Ky. community to put an end to nonsense and violence at his daughter Trinity’s vigil

By USA TODAY High School Sports

Speaking just a day after his 15-year-old daughter Trinity was killed, Olympian Tyson Gay urged the Lexington (Ky.) community to put an end to the “nonsense and violence.”

“As parents we do our best to raise our child the best we can. And sometimes things just happen; it’s out of our control. We only can look up and ask God why,” Gay said, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader “Sometimes, we don’t get that answer. I just want people to be safe and understand that we all have a life, and we all have dreams and when your fellow peer has a dream, it’s our job as brothers and sisters to come together and protect each other.”

Trinity was shot early Sunday when sitting in a car at a Lexington-area restaurant. She was not the intended target, and three men have been arrested in connection with the murder.

The Gay family released a statement Monday ahead of the vigil.

“We are thankful and grateful for all of love, prayers, condolences, and food that has been sent. We are a close family. We have a strong relationship with God. We are deeply saddened for how this has affected not only our family but the lives of others that has lost a child a friend, or relative by these senseless act of violence. We also believe we in love and forgiveness. We are also praying for the families of the shooters because this too is a loss.”

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