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Two time NBA champion Cliff Levingston supports Mike Brown for Lake County Sheriff

Two-time NBA champion Cliff Levingston recently announced his support of Mike Brown for Lake County Sheriff. Cliff most notably known for his years as an NBA champion has fostered several businesses throughout the years. Levingston and Brown met several years ago after being introduced by a mutual business acquaintance. Throughout the years of their professional relationship Cliff and Mike have managed to develop a respectful friendship.

“I was introduced to Mike Brown some years ago and was very impressed by his passion for service and to lead the people,” said Levingston. “Throughout the years of knowing Mike, I never thought of him as a politician but as someone who was passionate about his job. I believe that Mike is very capable to serve the people. He is the only qualified candidate for sheriff capable of carrying out the duties of this position. Although I’m not a Lake County resident, when I align the other candidates and their leadership and administrative experiences to that of Mike Brown, I am convinced that Mike Brown is the best candidate for Lake County Sheriff.

Just recently Mike received the endorsement of Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson of Gary. With just a few days remaining before Election Day, Mike and his campaign team is committing their time and final campaigning days visiting neighborhoods and talking with Lake County voters to influence their votes on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. With the support and endorsements of several community leaders and friends, Mike Brown remains confident in his campaign.

“I am honored for the support and acknowledgement from my friend Cliff Levingston,” said Mike Brown. “This campaign has been a revelation disclosing those who will stand and support me. Because of their confidence in me to lead a very prominent and important role serving all of Lake County I am more committed to Securing the Public Trust.”

Mike Brown currently serves as the Clerk for the Lake County Circuit and Superior Courts. He has been in county government for more than 14 years, first serving as Lake County Recorder for two terms and again serving two terms as Lake County Clerk. Mike has more than 24 years as a Lake County employee.

View NBA Champion Cliff Levingston’s announcement video here:


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