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Two Rapid Testing Sites Open as COVID-19 Cases Spike

COVID Testing

Accurate, rapid testing is the first, best line of defense against a coronavirus variant now said to be as contagious as chicken pox. That fact, plus the revised masking guidance issued this week by the Centers for Disease Control, underscores an important point: the pandemic is not over.  

Another cause for concern: school will be starting soon. 

Research shows that people who are most at risk are young people of color, from kindergarten through high school, especially kids under 12, with Black children becoming infected at a higher rate. Black-owned Agile Technologies is currently the ONLY company administering two 10-minute, FDA approved, highly accurate tests. Agile Technologies’ CEO Rod Martin will discuss his company’s distinct approach to testing and its critical importance on the eve of the start of another school year.  

AGILE TECHNOLOGIES’ Testing Site will be at Ford City Mall, 7601 S. CICERO on Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 12 noon.

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