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Two new faces in Gary emerge in politics

Eddie Melton and Tammi Davis

Tammi Davis, Eddie Melton seek to impact state’s economy

There are two new faces that are throwing their hats into the political arena. They are Tammi Davis, who has decided to run for State Representative of the 2nd District and Eddie Melton, who has filed an exploratory committee for Indiana Senate District 3.

Davis is a former Business Compliance Officer for the City of Gary and the Gary Sanitary District for six years. She said, “During that time I created a Contractor’s Compliance Handbook, developed the Gary Resident Referral Program and opened opportunities for more Gary businesses. She is now a freelance consultant. After much consideration, this is Davis’ first time running for a political office.

“Shortly after learning that the seat would be vacant, I made the decision to run for State Representative of the 2nd District. I have always had an interest in government and worked in areas of service either in my career or through volunteer roles. Running for office and getting elected to office gives me the opportunity to merge interest with experience,” said Davis.

Davis said for 10 years she had her own consulting business called The Compliance Consultants. She said, “Overall I have 15 plus years of experience in Contract and Labor Compliance and Supplier Diversity and Development working in public, private and non-profit.”

Davis says she feels she is qualified for the office of State Representative. She said, “Basically the role of State Representative falls under three services, to make policy, represent the interests and needs of the constituents and ensure a balance of power in the legislature. I am qualified to deliver in all three areas.”

The candidate said she is ready to introduce herself to citizens who are not familiar with her and let them know she is the qualified person to represent them.

She said, “I would greet that person with a smile and introduce myself saying. “Hi, my name is Tammi Davis. I am a candidate for State Representative. I would listen to their concerns, issues and opinions. Learn what he or she really wants, offer my plan to be their voice and then simply ask them to vote for me, Tammi Davis for Indiana State Representative.”

Davis said the most challenging issue she would address as State Representative would be the state’s economy.

She said, “Indiana is known as the ‘Crossroads of America.’ Well, our roads are crumbling and in desperate need of repair. The road to jobs has too many potholes such as Right to Work and Removal of Common Construction Wage. The road to Education has too many roadblocks like Teacher Recruitment and Retention and Zero Tolerance Policies. The road to Strong and Healthy Families has been detoured by not increasing the minimum wage and needs better healthcare options and benefits. Every road in our community and in the District that I seek to represent symbolizes the infrastructure of our economy. If any part of our economy’s foundation – jobs, education and the family structure – is weak, then our economy is not as strong as it should be or can be. Our economy is the sum of many parts. As State Representative, I will sponsor, co-sponsor or support legislation that strengthens our infrastructure to a better economy.”

Davis was born and raised in East Chicago. She has been a resident of Gary for over 25 years.

Eddie Melton released the following statement regarding his exploratory run for the State Senate race.

“My decision to run is deeply rooted in my passion for serving the great people of Northwest Indiana. As someone born and raised in Gary, I have committed my life’s work to serve our region and I believe this opportunity would allow me to be a voice for the residents in the Indiana General Assembly on paramount issues such as the current state of our local economy and education.”

The Indiana Senate District 3 seat is currently held by the Honorable State Senator Earline Rogers. Upon learning of her possible retirement, Eddie Melton shared with Senator Rogers his desire to run for this position.

“I highly respect Senator Rogers and if she chooses to retire, I would like to build upon her stellar accomplishments as a State Legislator. Her zeal and commitment in representing Northwest Indiana in Indianapolis have been incredibly valuable to the residents of our region. By forming the Friends of Eddie Melton, it will allow me to take the initial steps to build the campaign organization required to pursue Indiana’s Senate District 3 seat if Senator Rogers decides to retire.”

Eddie Melton represents Indiana’s 1st Congressional District on the Indiana State Board of Education and the Chairman of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males. He works as Manager of Governmental and Community Relations at Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). Eddie is married to Crystal Melton and has four children.

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