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Trump declines to answer questions in NY attorney general probe, following FBI search


Former President Trump on Wednesday, August 10,  said he declined to answer questions in the New York attorney general’s probe into his business and finances.

“I once asked, ‘If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?’ Now I know the answer to that question,” Trump wrote in a statement on his website.

“When your family, your company, and all the people in your orbit have become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors, and the Fake News Media, you have no choice.”

Trump said that he declined to respond to questioning under the advice of his legal team.

“The United States Constitution exists for this very purpose, and I will utilize it to the fullest extent to defend myself against this malicious attack by this administration, this Attorney General’s Office, and all other attacks on my family, my business, and our Country.”

The former president also lashed out at “renegade and out-of-control prosecutor” New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) for what he called a “phony years-long crusade” against him.

Two of Trump’s children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.were subpoenaed along with their father earlier this year and depositions earlier this month

The former president’s multiple attempts to block the probe and the calls to testify failed.



This article originally appeared on The Hill.


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