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Trinity United Church of Christ-Gary hosts Real Men Cook

Trinity United Church of Christ in Gary Indiana will be hosting its second annual Real Men Cook event on June 18, Father’s Day 2017. The church, whose pastor is Rev. John E. Jackson, will celebrate fathers, father figures and other Real Men at the church, 1276 W. 20th Avenue in Gary. The public is invited to this fun-filled food tasting celebration of men, which begins at 3 and lasts until 6PM.

Men from Gary and Northwest Indiana will be coming together to grill and prepare delicious meals, including ribs, and traditional fare. The event will continue Real Men Charities’, Inc. tradition of promoting health and wellness, prevention and awareness for families and children. Accordingly, each locale will also serve healthy and delicious food samples while broadcasting the message that food is medicine.

Rev. Jackson says promoting a healthy lifestyle has a bigger purpose: “Serving healthy foods promotes a healthy lifestyle for the wellbeing of the body. This gathering is also designed to develop a healing sense of wholeness, fellowship and peace for the mind, and spirit of the larger body of the entire community through the powerful image of strong Black men sacrificing their day to serve the community!”

Rev. Jackson says Real Men Cook is a celebration set aside on Father’s Day where men serve the community. In turn, the community extends love to the men. He said he is delighted to be hosting the event, in partnership with Real Men Charities, in Northwest Indiana. Mostly, Jackson says his church is honored and humbled to be part of Real Men Cook for the second consecutive year.

Jackson says last year’s celebration was a phenomenal success. He credits the mission of celebrating men who care about our communities as the core reason for the success in 2016 and the reason it is again hosting the event.

“Real Men Cook turns the spotlight on men who are seldom acknowledged for the simple things, like loving their children and wives, caring for children without father figures, coaching and being an example to everyday work ethics and commitment,” said Reverend Jackson. “Trinity United Church of Christ – Gary is delighted to broadcast that message on Father’s Day and everyday!”

Since its founding 27 years ago by Yvette and Kofi Moyo, Real Men Cook has emerged as premiere urban Father’s Day charity event. Families have journeyed to one site to enjoy the festivities and fun and to celebrate fathers. Over the years it has attracted churches, actors, musicians, elected officials and community activists from all over the nation including then state senator Barack Obama!

Last year, Real Men Cook departed from staging the event at one location and opened it up to celebrations at multiple sites so more community members could enjoy, celebrate and pay tribute to families. Trinity United Church of Christ – Gary, is honored to be one of the host locations.

“We invite you, the community, to join us this year and taste some food from the soul of some incredible father figures in our community!” said Rev. Jackson. He says the greatest item on the menu will be something the event has been noted for delivering: love.

Lead sponsors of Real Men Cook 2017 are ComEd and Next Level Health. Supporting sponsors are University of Chicago Medicine, Black Chicago Eats and ABC7.

For more information please call 219-944-0500 or log on to

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