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Transform your finances with Carolyn V. Keith’s ‘God’s Bailout Plan’ – book signing event

Financial professional and first lady Carolyn V. Keith has combined her expertise and spiritual journey to produce the book “God’s Bailout Plan: Bible-Based Financial Principles.”

Now she is on a mission to educate the masses on handling finances responsibly and living a life of prosperity — God’s way!

Join Keith at her first book signing on Saturday, April 13, 2024 at Mt. Hebron Church, 3445 W. Douglas Blvd in Chicago from 11a – 2pm.

About the book

Mismanagement of personal finances is one of the most devastating factors that wreaks havoc in the lives of many. The root cause is entering into adulthood without any preparation to handle one’s finances. In general, it is not taught in school or in the home. Therefore most young adults are left to their own devices. Many soon find themselves buried in debt. Where, then, can you turn for perfect financial advice? THE BIBLE

Believe it or not, the BIBLE discusses every aspect of personal finances. God’s Bailout Plan takes bible-based financial principles and uses practical applications that support HIS principles to get your finances on track.

This book is of benefit to:

1) Those in financial turmoil

2) Those who are seeking to strengthen their finances in a few areas or

3) Those who are curious about what scripture says about finances.

The book also contains a self-assessment tool to gauge where you are on the financial spectrum. Advice is provided to address identified weaknesses. It’s never too late to turn your situation around.


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