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Top 20 Chicagoland Women of Excellence honored

Photo caption: The Top 20 CHICAGOLAND Women of Excellence Awardees  along with the Congressman Danny K Davis, Dr Vijay G Prabhakar, President of Indian American business Coalition USA and the organizers. 

Indian Business Coalition, USA and Medstar Laboratories recognize women empowering their communities

African American professional women, along with their Indian counterparts, were honored March 4 for their excellence during the Third International Women’s Day celebration held at Medstar Laboratories, Inc., in Hillside.

Hosted by the Indian Business Coalition, USA and Medstar Laboratories, the event honored the top 20 Chicagoland Women of Excellence. It was organized by Dr. Vijay Prabhakar, president of the Indian American Business Coalition, who says he includes diversity in everything he does.

Representative Danny K. Davis (D-7th) presented 20 awards to the top Women of Excellence at the event; Medstar Laboratories is located in his District.

Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-8th) presented the Edward and Lily Prabhakar Centenary Awards to eight special recipients for their outstanding leadership and commitment to empower their communities, in honor of Dr. Prabhakar’s parents who are 100 years old.

In presenting the awards, Davis said, “Being among 20 outstanding women is an honor, and I’m sure there are more than 20. What is most impressive about this group is the cultural differences and the cultural likeness.

“All of these women are basically professional women who have accomplished and achieved greatly. They come from difference races, different ethnic groups, countries and backgrounds; yet are seeking pretty much the same thing. They want inclusion, freedom and opportunities,” Davis said.

“Working with them is a great experience.”

Davis said he often tells his African American constituents you can’t just represent only one group.

“My Congressional District is 60 percent something other than Black. Many of the congressional districts throughout America that African Americans get elected in aren’t necessarily majority Black districts.”

Davis said he does not know any of the Congressional Black Caucus “that Black issues are not paramount in their thinking and actions. Some of them have districts that are 10 or 15 percent African American.” He gave the example of Colorado where he said Blacks make up 8 percent of the state’s population.

Davis presented an award to Dr. Audrey L. Tanksley. The energetic medical practitioner wears many hats, as an Internal Medicine physician with a sub-specialty in addiction medicine, and as an integrative physician at Innovative Primary Care in Logan Square, medical director at the Salaam Community Wellness Center in Woodlawn, and president of the Cook County Physicians Association, founded in 1911.

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