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This is odd. A movement to “get around” the lack of Negro controlled marijuana farms has sprung up downstate and has now made its way upstate to the Windy City. The group is telling people to “stop going to the white drug dealers” and to “grow your own drugs at home.” They claim there’s a conspiracy afoot in Illinois to keep “marijuana seeds from the hands of the public.” These individuals, one of whom needs a foil hat, said, “The governor don’t want to spend no mo’ money to have the police kick indoors. So they ain’t trying to tell people they can just grow the (cussword) at home, instead of going out and give white boys $200 for a dime bag of smoke. We say grow your own.” This individual, who may have been high at the time, then went on to detail an elaborate scheme to re- ward “political operatives” with “licenses” so the money can go into political coffers. “Check the D2s, that’s all you got to do. These drug dealers are working under all kinds of names.” In the meantime, this group was said to be passing out seeds, but ain’t put no claim as to what might grow out of them. Grow it at your own risk.

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