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There is no justice for the Black community (Letter to the Editor)

Dear Crusader Editor

I do not often feel inclined to write regarding media issues, but after listening all
week to the media regarding the Jussie Smollett case, I knew it was time to make my
views known. The outrage and righteous indignation that the white public feels
about the Jussie Smollett case pales in comparison to mine.

The Smollett case has gained worldwide attention. However, I am relatively certain
that if Smollett was white, the country would not be so outraged and would not feel
the need for investigations. The Department of Justice has even weighed in on this
issue. I’m sure that they have more pressing issues to keep them busy in

Superintendent Johnson and the mayor are outraged about the money and
resources that were allocated for this case; where is their outcry and outrage about
the millions of dollars that has been paid out for misconduct by CPD (primarily in
the Black community).

First of all, I’m outraged, and the public should also be outraged about three sworn
officers of the law being acquitted after being indicted for lying and conspiring to
cover up a homicide in the Laquan McDonald murder trial. They all filed false police
reports. There is a big difference between lying and lying to cover up a homicide.
I’m outraged that Jason Van Dyke received only 81 months for murdering a Black
youth after being convicted of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated
battery with a firearm. Van Dyke will most likely only have to serve half that
sentence, which is three and a half years. It speaks to the fact that Black lives are of
little importance. If a Black policeman had murdered a white youth, he would be in
jail for life.

I’m outraged that Aaron Schock (downstate Congressman) did not receive any jail
time for committing the same offense that Jesse Jackson, Jr. committed, spending
campaign funds for personal use. Aaron Schock paid a fine, received no jail time and
said it was all a mistake by an overzealous prosecutor. His reputation remains
intact, and he is able to run for public office again, while Jesse Jackson, Jr. went to
prison and his reputation has been ruined.

I am outraged that the Chicago police are allowed to enter Black homes and refuse
to show a warrant. They literally destroy a home, point guns at children and place
residents in handcuffs for even daring to ask for a warrant. They wreak havoc on the
residents and then find out that they are in the wrong house. Where is
Superintendent Johnson’s and Mayor Emanuel’s outrage and disgust about this

I am further outraged that Superintendent Johnson has not yet, according to the
media, provided statistics about how often this happens. From what I hear in the
news, it happens frequently. Where is the public outrage?

I am outraged about the fact that the white public and the media are outraged. There
are a myriad of issues to be outraged about. The Smollett case is not one of them.
The public should be outraged and the Black community should be outraged about all of the above issues. The media tends to write and talk about these issues for a
few days and then they move on —but that’s not the case with Smollett.

Justice is supposed to be blind, it is not blind in the Black community. Obviously,
there is white justice and Black Justice and it ain’t the same!

Rose L. Blair

(Published in the April 3rd Chicago Crusader Newspaper)

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