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The State of the Union is an abysmal circus with a clown as ringmaster

By Vernon A. Williams

It would take someone of monumental stupidity to view the State of the Union address with any modicum of seriousness. As of the end of 2018, political fake checkers verified that the Prevaricator-in-Chief untruth/lie count topped 6,000.

CNN reported that in one day, Agent Orange managed to write or speak 83 gross misstatements not found even in alternative facts. How dumb would you have to be to believe anything in his rehearsed delivery was sincere or honest?

Okay, consider this. In a trial, if the individual on the witness stand is proven to have been misleading in just one statement or fact, the judge may instruct the jury to ignore all of that person’s testimony before and after. One lie distracts from an entire presentation.

Not only are the numbers adding up for 45. He is also becoming increasingly brazen in his misrepresentations. His act is even embarrassing to career con-men who must listen to him and say, “Dude. You got to mix in a truth now and then to make your take plausible.”

Not the Donald. He will say things that he didn’t; that is, he will deny things that he says – even when captured on recording devices and cameras. He will change positions on anything in less than a 24-hour period. He will provide accounts of exchanges with individuals that never happened. Seriously. He is Pinocchio on steroids.

But his being a liar isn’t the only reason that the so-called State of the Union is invalid, insignificant and useless. There are many other reasons.

One is the fact that he is more identifiable with all of the problems plaguing this nation than any of the solutions. His approval numbers have dipped to an all-time low. And how dare he utter the word “unity” when for two years he has been the Divider-in-Chief?

In a climate of bitter racism, he is leading the charge. He is that same malcontent sued for not renting living space to Black families twice in the 70s, the same one who didn’t want Black financial managers counting his money, the same one who tried to have five innocent Black men get the death penalty, the same one who started the birther movement.

Of more recent vintage, 45 has confirmed his determination to ‘Make America Hate Again’ with his claim of good and bad people on both sides when on one side Nazis and white supremacists are together. He campaigned for a Mississippi candidate for Congress who boasted she would sit on the front row of a lynching, an Alabama pedophile and racist gubernatorial candidates facing formidable Black challengers in Georgia and Florida.

It’s a joke when a political commentator seriously suggests that a stirring, motivational speech on February 5, 2019 could be the time at which the Donald becomes President. Give me a break. Unfortunately, that same rubbish was uttered by respected CNN Black commentator and talk show host Van Jones last year – to his ultimate embarrassment.

No matter how low you set the bar, that small mind in the White House just can’t reach it. It’s time for folks to stop dreaming about him some day having an epiphany when the word is literally not in his 4th Grade vocabulary. What you see is what you got? Anyone who speculated the tiger would lose his stripes or the leopard his spots just never adequately studied the wild. This is all that he knows.

Who would believe even the good ole boys who share his misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist poster would line up with a man at the top who prefers Russian autocrats over U.S. intelligence, lawmakers and public sentiment. These flag-waving hypocrites do more to mock the Constitution and desecrate the flag and national anthem than any kneeling athlete.

And for those who race to refuge in the supposition that his presidency has spelled a turnaround in the economy, you too should do your homework. He has only been in office for just over two years – about 25 months. Check the records, economic and job growth has occurred in the U.S. for the past 101 months. Thank you Mr. Obama.

How can this nation feel good about the report of a presidency with an unprecedented number of acting or unfilled key positions and at least 17 criminal or civil cases against it pending? So, no matter how dismal the “State of the Union,” there are at least three solid reasons for genuine optimism.

The first is that women and people of color occupy the House of Representatives in record numbers and many state governments rode in on the tide of that Blue Tsunami last November so finally folk in the executive branch will be held more accountable.

The second bright spot is the adversity and contentiousness of the past three years has heightened the awareness of citizens from coast to coast. Folk who hate and shunned politics and government are gearing up for action on the frontline to prevent a sequel to this ill-fated presidency.

The third and final point that should bring a smile to the face of every good American even in these challenging times is simple – Mueller Report.


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