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The Servicemember’s Freedom Quest

By Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty, President & CEO,


It’s the week of Independence Day and as we celebrate, let us not forget the actual meaning of what is assumed to be an annual affair. It’s the day when American’s cheer one another for past accomplishments of overcoming oppression, exceeding limitations and having a strong will to express ourselves. Today, I’d like to throw out a raft for another consideration — the pursuit of freedom, living life without dictation, judgment, and intrusion for those who fought for our country. Service members have participated in wars, protected borders and guarded the seas to ensure that trespassers wouldn’t step over the physical boundaries of freedom and ignore our desires to live out loud. But along the way, service members have also forgotten to believe that they too are recipients of that freedom.

It’s easy to celebrate the idea of something visible and tangible such as a memorial or holiday, and not recognize the unseen internal, suppressed and desired freedom we provided for others until the loaning becomes outwardly evident during the transition. That transition can take years if not intentionally guided by someone who’s experienced similar challenges. This quest for freedom cannot be simply pushed aside and its existence ignored. If so, it will show up in other forms such as depression, confusion, or anger. It’s just energy waiting to be released.

Joining the military was just one way of discovering our truth. Just as many other paths on the journey of life, God used it as an opportunity to develop the skills within our toolbox needed to live out His plans for our future and overall life. It was never meant to become a mantel or burden, and the transition process provides the option to access this newfound freedom from a higher level of awareness. If we enter the civilian sector holding onto the past of what was, it will only hinder us from gaining full access to birth interval visions of success from deep within. In some cases, we don’t even get to know our neighbors because we feel they’re different and won’t understand our journey. It’s time to do better.

Find time to get acquainted with your strengths and abilities, and appreciate your courage. Learn to love the warrior within. Think of the lessons of the ‘Karate Kid’- everything he learned had a purposeful use in his future. Creative Arts can intuitively release emotional bondage and allow one to learn how to loosen up and relax. If we’ve experienced the final out-processing, there is no turning back! It’s only a “forward” march.

There’s a whole new world waiting for you to be yourself. The creative being you were before you entered military service wants to claim its position in the earth. So, why are you waiting? Get out and enjoy the buffet of freedom. You don’t have to wait for someone to give a command before you act on what’s next! The best part about it all is you’re a leader within. From the time you completed basic training and advanced individual training (AIT), your leadership skills became defined. Sure, it may take a while to cross-reference each distinction, but it’s not impossible. Analyze where you can make a genuine effort to connect the dots between military disciplines and use it all for your advantage as a civilian. Develop a plan to help you move forth instead of being confused about who you are without the military. It was only for a season which God used to increase your capacity for living an expansive life.

I promise you things will begin to appear more transparent as you embrace the difference. Use your compelling power and allow yourself the ability to be free! It’s time to spread your wings. You are eagles who fly at high altitudes and nothing less. Thank you for your service and the sacrifice you’ve given for our USA to live a life of freedom. Now, it’s time to pursue your truth and walk in your purpose!

Sistah Soldier is an inspirational activist who helps veterans, women and minorities step into the call of God for their lives. She’s the CEO, Host, and Executive Producer of SHE VET™ Television Show, and the Executive Recruiter for SHE WORKS Digital™.

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