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‘The Price We Pay’: Chicago author Nikki T. Anthony honored with award

Nikki T. Anthony, a distinguished young adult author hailing from Chicago, has been awarded The Literary Titan Gold Book Award for her groundbreaking novel, “The Price We Pay.” This esteemed accolade is reserved for books that exemplify exceptional standards in the presentation of original content, and Anthony’s work has now claimed this prestigious honor.  

Nikki T. Anthony

“The Price We Pay” weaves a compelling narrative around racism and the importance of speaking up, resonating profoundly with readers. As the winner of The Literary Titan Gold Book Award, Nikki T. Anthony’s novel stands as a testament to her dedication to storytelling that transcends boundaries and addresses pressing social issues.  

The story centers on Zenetta Henchman, a teenage girl with a rebellious streak who is navigating strained relationships with her parents, difficult interactions with her teachers and complicated feelings about her faith. In the backdrop is a community facing a growing racial divide due to unresolved and unaddressed past injustices. 

All of this compounds to give Zenetta a “one life to live and a nothing else to lose” attitude. She speaks more than she listens and refuses to take orders quietly. But when she witnesses a fatal incident that rocks and divides her community, Zenetta falls silent, and she and those closest to her suffer the consequences of her inaction.  

What follows are a string of deliberate attacks against Zenetta and the people she cares about, especially Tootsie, the free-spirited, colorful personality that paints a different picture of the world in Zenetta’s eyes. Tribal tensions flare, sparking an all-out explosion after Zenetta’s father, the only Black officer on the force, chooses the wrong side of the law when the community, but more importantly when Zenetta, needs him most. It’s not long after her father’s betrayal that Zenetta discovers there is always a price to be paid when those who could speak up choose to remain silent.  

“The Price We Pay” weaves real-world issues surrounding racial prejudice with the emotional drama, trauma, and tension that conflicts — and often torments — Zenetta, giving rise to a story that Anthony hopes will leave readers asking themselves what price they are willing to pay for silence … or for speaking up. 

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrated earlier this week, “The Price We Pay” serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made for justice and equality. Anthony’s novel draws parallels to the enduring legacy of Dr. King, emphasizing the ongoing struggle against racial injustice. 

Anthony shared, “It is a humbling experience to receive The Literary Titan Gold Book Award, especially during a time when we reflect on the profound impact of leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘The Price We Pay’ explores the sacrifices made in the pursuit of justice, and I hope it sparks conversations that echo Dr. King’s enduring message.”  

Anthony’s literary prowess and her ability to tackle critical social issues make her a standout figure in the literary world.

For more information, please visit or follow her on Facebook and Instagram at Nikki T. Anthony. 

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