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The Living Last Supper

One of Christianity’s most significant events was brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci centuries ago – “The Last Supper.” This Renaissance masterpiece is brought to life with a script adapted from Laura Bender’s “Revolution” and revised by Alice Dawson, with more detailed scriptorial information plus a dynamic cast, portraying “The Living Last Supper.”

“The Living Last Supper” will be presented by the New Beginnings Christian Ministry (NBC) on Good Friday, April 14, 2017. The church is located at 901 W. 47th Ave. in Gary, Indiana. The doors open at 5:30 p.m. and show time is at 6:00 p.m. There is no door charge to attend this play, which includes an optional communion service.

Guests will live in the moment with Christ and His Twelve Disciples as they will have the opportunity to be served during the play by “Jesus” and the assembled twelve. It is truly a unique and meaningful celebration of the Lord’s Supper with a video presentation that will shock guests, make them cry and squeal in anguish.

The cast consists of three pastors and four disciples from different churches working together in unity to get three points across. First, Jesus will suffer soon after this meal prior to finishing His work on behalf of the kingdom of God. Second, Jesus gives His followers symbols of remembrance for His body and His blood sacrificed on behalf of all mankind. Third, Jesus provides a very important principle for living a Christian life: the greatest are those who serve others, not those who expect to be served.

One by one, the disciples speak, expressing their innermost thoughts with brief but poignant monologues that also portray their incredible astonishment at Jesus’ assertion that one of them would betray Him that fateful night. High drama, emotional impact, soul reaching songs by NBC’s Choir and heartfelt expressions by the NBC Praise Dance and Mime Ministry for a spiritual reconnection with the true significance of The Last Supper.

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