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The gentle arrest of the white man accused of stabbing Nia Wilson to death is getting no media attention

By Parker Riley,

The man suspected of fatally stabbing a Black teen in the neck this weekend in California was arrested on Monday, but what was also very disturbing was the grace and special care the cops handled him with when taking him into custody.

John Cowell was accused of killing Nia Wilson on a train at the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s MacArthur Station in Oakland on Sunday night. The 18-year-old’s sister Malika Harris, was also stabbed, but she survived and was in critical condition. Cowell, 27, was initially unidentified, but Shaun King and other community activists helped bring awareness to the tragedy, leading to his not-so-eventful arrest.

Yet and still, most media outlets continue to ignore the clear racial discrepancy between how police handle white murder suspects compared to those of any other ethnicity, especially Black folks.


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