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We are living in interesting times. Due to a number of issues, it appears that people are increasingly anticipating an “end times” outcome. There are a number of reasons for this; the proliferation of attacks on citizens by other citizens via school shootings, road rage and more; the escalation of disasters related to climate change; the spiraling economic crisis with seemingly no respite in sight; the heightened racism and negativity proffered by growing incidents of white supremacy; the obscene numbers of mass shootings and the callousness and lack of respect for one another in almost every arena.

One very interesting aspect of this seeming headlong rush into the apocalypse is the persistent accusations of “satanic activity” leveled at almost anyone who has demonstrated a significant amount of success in their chosen fields, especially in entertainment. Accusations are being made against some very surprising individuals, most of whom do not seem to warrant them. If the pundits and Internet “content creators” are to be believed, the entire population of Hollywood is under the influence of “the Devil or Satan,” and the only proof needed is success in the chosen field of the accused. The situation is so bad that ANYBODY who has a religion outside of Christianity is said to be “demonic.” It doesn’t even matter that the accused vocally and loudly proclaims allegiance to Christ; people don’t care… the formula seems to be that success in this day and age automatically identifies you as being a Satanic minion!

One of the biggest targets of this kind of criticism is Beyoncé Knowles Carter. Her Renaissance Tour is proving to be wildly successful, and she has won an astounding number of Grammys (32). Beyoncé has repeatedly cited her love of Jesus during her performances, yet people insist that she is a spawn of Satan. One of her former band members, a drummer, has even accused her of casting spells against her. Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z, has also garnered his share of accusations.

Basically, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and other successful artists are accused of practicing witchcraft and are said to being used as puppets to promote demonic music, leading to a loss of purity and sacrificing souls. One of the accusers is the rapper 50 Cent, who is accusing them of sacrificing people in order to garner and maintain personal success. It has not been explained as to how this is possible, however. There are even rumors that Jay-Z was involved in sacrificing Aaliyah for his success.

Kanye West, now known as “Ye,” is also involved in this smear campaign. He actually named a number of his colleagues, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z, of being controlled by elite forces in Hollywood to sacrifice souls for fame. And politicians are also involved in this smear scenario. Kristina Karamo, an “election denier” and the first Black Chair of the Michigan GOP, has claimed that Beyoncé was secretly recruiting Black Americans to Paganism through her new album. She also allegedly said that leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement are “Marxist witches.” The vitriol targeting Beyoncé coming from Christians has reached ridiculous levels, with Christians who have attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour performances suffering verbal attacks and accused of being in league with the Devil because they attended her concerts.

Actually, the unwarranted attacks on Beyoncé and other successful performers are what is coming from a “demonic” place, as there has been no proof of the allegations. Essentially, what is happening is that the Devil IS manifesting in this scenario, but its origin is coming from the “holier than thou” Christians who are spreading false information. The situation is so bad at this time that ANYONE who demonstrates success is going to be unfairly labeled as a Satanic. This presents a Catch-22 scenario: if a person does well and demonstrates success, he or she will be accused of being in league with the Devil. That attitude just about guarantees that some people will be afraid to succeed due to the poison coming from uninformed, misguided people.

Of course, evil IS present among us, but we must learn to be discerning in order to tell when it is present. To scream “witchcraft” at someone because they burn incense or sage while turning a blind eye toward those who are actually trying to overthrow the government is counterproductive and Satanic!” The Devil is, in fact, in the details, and these must be identified before falsely accusing people of wrongdoing because they worked hard to achieve success. A Luta Continua.

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