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The DEMS Suicidal Charge to Impeachment

Beyond the Rhetoric

By Harry C. Alford & Kay DeBow

The Democratic Party enjoyed a great run with the Obama administration. They were eight years of reckless abandon. It was perhaps the most corrupt back to back political environment in the history of the United States. It was so corrupt that many refer to it as the “Sinful Years.” Never in our lifetime have we seen wholesale pillage of our Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, Small Business Administration, Department of Commerce, Environmental Protection Agency, State Department, etc. We could list more but this certainly gets to the gist of it all. It was dirty! So dirty that they had to put up “all their chips.”

When the shocking results of the 2016 Presidential election were announced, they simultaneously went into a coma-like state of mind. They left a trail of corruption in all areas and most importantly our legal and investigative mechanisms such as the FBI, CIA and others were not fit to start the major clean-up. The facts are the investigators were a big part of this problem. THE INVESTIGATORS NEED INVESTIGATION. Hillary didn’t make it through so that the super cover-up could begin. All the “dirty linen” that needs to be exposed is going to start to come out.

The “evil doers” have put up a great fight. They call it “The Resistance.” The tactic is to fight the Trump Administration with all their might. Their futures and well being are at stake. If the supposed deals come to light, we are going to have to build new jails to house all the federal employees who have been corrupted by the dirty deeds that went on between 2008 – 2016. It was the United States government at its worse. The Dems became horrified from the day after the election and the light made it clear: Donald Trump has become President of the United States which equates to “a new sheriff in town.”

There is an old saying from the Middle Ages that states, “If you go and take on the King, you better kill him.” If you fail the ax will be falling your way. It has become clear that they have failed in attempting a “high tech coup” and the desperation is growing by the day. They started having violent demonstrations demanding the “impeachment of #45. How do you impeach a president at the beginning of his term? You can’t! But this situation is becoming do or die for the guilty. Yea, they were all going to get over the danger of their dirty deeds and Hillary was supposed to let everyone go free.

It seems like the Impossible Dream for the belligerents to overthrow our elected President. Most likely it is but they don’t care. They are going for “broke.” They are trying to overthrow an elected President right in front of the face of the entire world. Such an impossible task to do and they must do it before the beginning of the new election cycle “2020” which looks like it will certainly become a bigger victory for President Donald Trump. All the factors: Defense, Economy, Prestige, Trade Agreements, a Future that is looking very bright. The roaring crowds that form just to hear him speak are growing and growing and all the fake news in the world find it impossible to cover up.With a second term, President Trump and his administration is going to “drain the swamp” just as he promised. Our great grandchildren will be reading about this great period – when they tried to destroy our democracy, but the people were awakened, rose up and dealt the evil doers a final blow. It is going to be a “Supreme Power Flush” when the organizers of the dirty deals that went on are marched off to the “Big House” not the White House.

It won’t be a pretty operation, but it is so necessary. We are on the verge of “Political Armageddon” and the indictments and trials are going to be mind boggling. How did the Democratic Party get itself into such a quagmire? Yes, it will be a hard lesson, but it is do or die for our great nation and we pray that God continues his blessings on us.

Members of our Congress are at a crossroads. They better do the right thing, or their careers are going down the road of destruction. We must remember the saying “GOD DOES NOT LIKE UGLY,” he never has and never will. The true at heart will win this crisis.

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Ms. DeBow is the Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of the Chamber. Website: Emails: [email protected] [email protected].

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