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It is no secret that Black people, both in the United States and elsewhere, have experienced disadvantages when coming in contact with white people. In this regard, it’s interesting to note that wherever in the world these two groups have come together, Blacks have come away disadvantaged. This is even true on the continent of Africa.

The resulting conclusion of a lot of people, both Black and white, is they attribute superiority to white people and inferiority to Blacks. Are Black people actually inferior to white people, which is resulting in the subjugation and mistreatment of Black people whenever they interact? The answer to this question is an unequivocable NO!

What has happened, however, is that many Black people BELIEVE they are inferior to whites, and behavior follows belief! A common phrase heard in many Black communities is that other Blacks believe that the white man’s ice is colder than ice possessed by Blacks. In fact, there is an underlying belief that ANYTHING, (except maybe rap music), that comes from white people is better than anything that comes from Blacks.

The accomplishments Black people have achieved in spite of worldwide white domination are awe-inspiring and rebuke any notion of Black inferiority! In every endeavor Blacks have attempted, there have been astonishing successes. This is true not only in sports and entertainment, but even in the scientific arena.

There have been many successes in fields where Blacks were prohibited from participation, but when they gained access, they excelled. Once upon a time Blacks weren’t allowed to play in the dominant sports or entertainment fields. Today, however, some Blacks are surprised when they see a white man dominate, in basketball, for example.

Recently, someone posed the question to a group of Black people as to whether they had ever thought about visiting Africa. One young Black woman said she does not consider herself to be African, has no African roots, and never, EVER planned to visit the African continent! She was adamant about this.

Why do many Black people consider themselves inferior to white people and also hate and resist the idea of Africa as the source of their roots? This is especially interesting in light of the fact that mainstream white people consider themselves, and everyone else on the planet, as having their origins in Africa. Consider that idea; the young Black American woman disdains the notion of ties to Africa, yet the founders of the United States believe that all people come from Africa.

The African continent is the richest in the world in natural resources. This is why Europeans cut up the continent and divided it among themselves like a giant turkey. Even today, there would be no dominant cell phone industry without the coltan that is mined in the Congo. In fact, coltan is said to be indispensable to the manufacture of ALL technological devices. In 2019, the global coltan market was valued at US$1,504.81 million, and is expected to reach US$1,933.32 million by the end of 2026!

Africa, in fact, has the richest concentration of natural resources in the world such as oil, copper, diamond, bauxite, lithium, gold, hardwood forests, and tropical fruits. Thirty percent of the earth’s mineral resources are found in Africa. Since it is apparently true that Africa has the greatest resources, why are Africans on the continent, as well as those everywhere around the globe, the poorest people?

The answer is both simple and complex: the simple part is that the belief in Black inferiority is a disease keeping Black people from working together to maximize resources that are their natural birthright. The complex answer is that the perception of inferiority is, ironically, fueled by the efficient use of those resources by white people.

White people, and others, including the Chinese, understand the value of Africa, but Africans, themselves, seem to be more inclined toward selfishness and disunity than in unifying to pool resources.

The belief of Black inferiority among Blacks is the disease that must be overcome; self-hatred and the removal of psychological blinders keeping Black people from understanding their own worth is the chief malady. Things will not change until this disease is eradicated! A Luta Continua!

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