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Teen accepted to 115 colleges, offered nearly $4M in scholarships

A high school senior in New Orleans has been accepted to 115 colleges and offered almost $4 million in scholarship money.

“I feel happy that I can go to college because they didn’t so I will be the first in my family,” Antoinette Love told WDSU.

Love, 18, breaks new ground, certainly. She’s the first in her family to go to college, but nobody figured she’d do it in record-breaking fashion.

She’s already been accepted into 115 colleges and universities across the country and has been offered a total of $3,775,000 in scholarships – more than any other high school senior in America so far this year.

“I want to show others that it’s possible to be accepted into college and go to college,” Love said.

“She has shown that she is able to compete on multiple levels, not only in terms of how many colleges that she’s been accepted into, but also in terms of how well she has done in high school,” head of school Sean Wilson said.

Love’s goal is to give back as an elementary school teacher. While in the offers have come in from across the country, her parents are hoping she’ll pick a college somewhere close to home.

“I say within 8-hour driving distance in my mind. To her I don’t know, she’ll probably go to Alaska just to do something like that to make my nerves go bad,” said Yolanda Love, her mother.

Love’s parents said she’s led a remarkable life after a rough start being born six weeks prematurely.

This article originally appeared in ABC7 News.

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