Tamika Mallory: ‘The NRA does not believe in protecting Black and Brown lives’

The Women’s March co-chair explained why the organization is protesting the NRA.


By Alanna Vagianos, huffingtonpost.com

Tamika Mallory wants the National Rifle Association (NRA) to start protecting the Second Amendment rights of black and brown people.

The co-organizer of the Women’s March told HuffPost in a phone interview that the recent actions of the NRA prove the organization only cares about defending the Second Amendment rights of white gun owners. Mallory specifically pointed to two NRA ads targeting progressive activists as well as the NRA’s silence on the death of Philando Castile.

“In the NRA’s mission statement on their website, they say that they are one of the oldest civil rights organizations,” Mallory told HuffPost. “If that is, in fact, the case, if that is the history that they want to claim, Philando Castile should be one of the first people that they speak on behalf of. If you’re following in the tradition of the civil rights movement, Philando Castile is an example of exactly what it means to defend the civil rights of a person who has been violated by this country.”

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