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Swizz Beatz gets colonoscopy hoping to inspire other men

By Marcus Williams,

We all know that it takes a lot to get most men to tell you that something is wrong with their health, let alone go to a hospital. Most men shrug off pain, discomfort, and changes in their bodies as “growing pains” and usually “push through” which most times make it worse.

This year, rapper, producer and recent Harvard graduate Swizz Beatz decided to his health and men’s health seriously by going to the doctor to check for colon cancer. His inspiration to do this came from his friend, mentor and fellow producer Jay “Icepick” Jackson.

“Your health is your wealth 🙏🏽 I wanted to start off 2018 by keeping the promise I made to my brother the late great Jay Icepick Jackson,” explains Swizz on his Instagram. “Before he passed, he urged that we all spread the word about how important our health is. As men, we always think we’re invincible! If that were the case, a great Man and many other great men would still be on this earth.”


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