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AM Stabilizers receives $15,000 for energy saving efforts

The NIPSCO Energy Efficiency Program presented AM Stabilizers with a check worth more than $15,000 in rebates and incentives. The funds were applied towards the company’s conversion of 134 fluorescent high bay fixture warehouse lights to a high efficiency LED motion controlled lighting system.

Representatives of NIPSCO, Lock-heed Martin, the third party implementer of NIPSCO’s Energy Efficiency Programs and Trade Ally Brilliant Energy Solutions, LLC, presented the check to AM Stabilizers at their Valparaiso facility.

“Our business goal is to provide long lasting and real cost savings solutions for our clients that deliver results, and this project was ideal from start to finish,” said Chadwich Bukur, owner and founder of Brilliant Energy Solutions. “In the end, we accomplished what we set out to do. Energy conservation is a big deal these days, and this project undoubtedly produced results.”

Mike Justice, plant superintendent at AM Stablizers, added, “The approach by Brilliant Energy Solutions, in teamwork with Lockheed Martin and NIPSCO, eliminated all the guesswork and presented us with a detailed, comprehensive proposal with real dollars and cents numbers that made the decision process easy. With controls added, we have noticed the lights staying off in inactive areas of the facility, which cuts down on our usage even further. All in all, we are very pleased.”

NIPSCO business customers can utilize their Energy Efficiency Programs to help offset the cost of implementing energy efficient technologies. In addition to reduced energy consumption, additional benefits of participation include enhanced equipment performance, extended life expectancy of equipment and reduced maintenance and cost of ownership.

Energy efficiency upgrades such as this one also have a positive effect on the environment. Some of the estimated annual environmental benefits of this project include decreasing air pollution and environmental damage by the following amounts each year:

  • CO2 removed 97.8 Tons
  • SO2 removed .207 Tons
  • NoX removed .088 Tons
  • Trees planted 28 acres
  • Gas Saved 12,958.5 Gallons

The Data Assumptions are per the EPA’s eGRID database, as recognized protocol by the World Resource Institute/World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WRI/WBCSD).

NIPSCO Presents $15,000 Incentive Check to AM Stabilizers for Energy Saving Efforts.

For more information about how your business can participate in the Energy Efficiency Program or about becoming a Trade Ally, visit or call 1-800-299-2501.

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