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Southland political/civic figure in dire need of an organ donation

Photo caption: Trinette Britt-Johnson

Government leaders, medical professionals, civic and community leaders are coalescing themselves under a tent of unity and love as they advocate for a woman of distinction, selflessness, and grace. Trinette Britt-Johnson, considered by many as a pioneer for women in government as well as a devoted public servant; is now in the fight of her life as she seeks a kidney that will allow her to continue her remarkable life of service.

Trinette was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) by a nephrologist some years ago after her general practitioner reviewed results from lab blood work that indicated some of her blood levels were elevated. Her doctors at the time were vague on the diagnosis and suggested that she reduce her intake of items such as salt, chips, popcorn, and peanuts.

Trinette stopped seeing the nephrologist because her health insurance changed, and she did not realize at that time that her condition was life-threatening. She was neither educated nor informed. Her focus was being diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure. She was only concerned about potential strokes and heart attacks. Managing hypertension was her priority. This is common in that many people simply are not fully educated about kidney disease.

However, in 2020 she was hospitalized at the inception of COVID-19 and was then told that she had some dire health issues. She was diagnosed with a tumor in February 2020 and due to COVID had to wait until August for surgery. The tumor had grown too large and wrapped itself around one of her kidneys. Doctors were forced to remove that particular kidney.

However, now nearly two and a half years later after the surgery, Trinette’s remaining kidney is functioning at an alarmingly low life-threatening level.

After keeping her diagnosis private, Trinette has now informed her friends, family, and associates of her battle. From her transparency, an influential group of politicians, civic leaders, medical professionals, and organ donor advocates have formed a public relations campaign not only concerning Trinette’s challenges but also the racial disparities and inequities of kidney disease.

“Trinette has been a true pillar of support for so many government leaders throughout Cook County. Particularly for women of color. She has much to do with the growth and upward mobility of the southland as anyone. We are banding together in her fight for life, but also to bring awareness concerning the challenges that many African Americans face when in need of an organ donation,” said Rich Township Supervisor and Democratic Committeeman Calvin Jordan.

Illinois State Representative Debbie Meyers-Martin adds, “Trinette is such a stalworth in Illinois politics and has been steadfast in her advocacy for women in government. She has given so much of her time and energy in the promotion of good government. It is now due time that we stand with her, fight with her and win with her!”

Trinette is also receiving support from Dr. Jack Lynch, considered by many as a pioneer of transplant medicine. Dr. Lynch is commonly known for developing and maintaining communications that promote organ and tissue donation within selected community groups and hospitals.

“Trinette is an extraordinary woman with an enormous zest for life. I am so proud of her ability to be transparent through this process. Moreover, I am impressed that she is not alone in this fight. The caliber of support she has received will be a key factor in overcoming this challenge. But it’s also a reminder that particularly for African Americans, timing is critical in managing kidney disease. “says Dr. Lynch.

The mass group of notables is urging the public who may want to be tested or to get involved with Trinette’s fight for life, to email their information to akidneyfortrinette@gmail or call 708-737-5006.

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