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Sheriff Dart warns public of phone scam

Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart is warning the public of telephone scams where callers identify as a Sheriff’s Office employee in an attempt to defraud victims.

In these scams, callers are using the actual names and respective titles of Sheriff’s Office employees and ordering victims to immediately provide personal information, such as a signature sample, or make payments over the phone.

The caller may also use legal or police jargon during the call to sound like a law enforcement official and attempt to further intimidate the victims.

The public should be aware that these types of calls are scams. Sheriff’s officers do not ask for immediate compliance with orders over the phone. They also do not ask for payment over the phone or via a money transfer app.

Individuals who believe they have been a victim of these scams are asked to call the Sheriff’s Police Investigation Section at 708-865-4896 or the Sheriff’s Police non-emergency number at 847-635-1188.

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