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Sen. Natalie Toro celebrates the bargaining agreement reached between UPS & the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

UPS Delivery Truck

Photo caption: United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery truck (source: Wikimedia/Mobius DaXter)

The following is a statement from State Senator Natalie Toro (D-Chicago) in response to the bargaining agreement reached between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents more than 330,000 UPS employees, and UPS:

Sen. Natalie Toro

“This bargaining agreement is an example to employers and workers everywhere – with good faith efforts, it’s possible to find common ground without having to compromise on worker’s rights and benefits.

“UPS workers provide a critical service to our communities and they are part of our social infrastructure. This bargaining agreement has helped avert a strike, preventing the loss of billions to our economy, while improving overall working conditions and compensation for union members.

“Workers are the backbone of our society and we must always find ways to protect them, expand their rights and bargaining power, and pay them decent living wages.”

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