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‘Run Nixon’ shows an act of a mom’s love that turns deadly

A riveting urban thriller that follows devoted parents in a heart-stopping race against time to save their child’s life.

Run Nixon propels audiences into a heart-racing urban thriller where every second counts. The story unfolds around Dre, a father propelled into a desperate race against time to save his son, Nixon. 

When Stacy, Nixon’s mother, takes a daring plunge into the criminal underworld, robbing the menacing Slice to fund their son’s life-saving surgery, the stakes skyrocket.

Unbeknownst to Dre, this audacious move triggers a relentless chain of events, leading Slice to retaliate by kidnapping Nixon. The tension reaches a boiling point in an electrifying face-off with Slice, a testament to a father’s unwavering love and courage.

“Run Nixon” captivates with a gripping narrative and adrenaline-pumping action, seamlessly blending a tale of sacrifice, unbreakable family bonds, and the extraordinary lengths a parent will go to protect their child.

This reminded me of “John Q,” where Denzel Washington held up the hospital administrators until they figured out a way to give his son a heart transplant. Poor Nixon just wants to play basketball, and during a game where his exotic dancer mother dropped him off, and his tow-truck driving father came to watch, he collapsed. He was diagnosed with a heart attack. He’s about 11 years old, and his parents need money. 

The mom steals the money, and two years later this theft catches up to her—leading to a cat and mouse game of trying to pay the gangbangers back their money and finding Nixon alive. 

 Run Nixon” is co-written, edited, and directed by Sky Directs. Co-written by Michelle Vital. Produced by Brian Cooper. Cinematography by Matthew Villescas. Music by Robbert Johnson.

“Run Nixon” will release into select AMC theatres on November 22. 

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