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Rev. Haynes to lead massive voter registration campaign

The foundation laid by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is going to provide a roadmap going forward, and at the top of his social justice agenda will be preparations for a massive voter registration drive, the newly Rainbow PUSH Coalition President Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III exclusively told the Chicago Crusader.

Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III

“Rev. Jackson has always been about economic justice. That is a need that is greater than ever before. He has been about challenging systems,” Rev. Haynes said.

He pointed to the conservative High Court and how the super majority right wing justices have been chipping away at the civil rights Blacks have fought for and gained.

Using Rev. Jackson’s language, Haynes said. “We have to be on the offense and at the same time create a strong defense. We will be addressing what the Court has done and making a difference.”

With Trump’s three appointees, Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett in place, Rev. Haynes said there has to be unity in opposing their decisions that are turning back the clock on civil rights.

Last year’s overturning Roe v Wade was a taste of what was a signal of the Supreme Court’s flexing its muscle or political impact that sent millions of people protesting in the streets across this nation.

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