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Restaurant ordered to pay $10,000 for asking Black patrons to prepay for their food

By Teddy Grant,

A Chinese restaurant in Toronto has been ordered to pay a Black man $10,000 for a human rights violation after it asked him and three other Black customers with him to prepay for their meals, The Globe and Mail reports.

Emile Wickham went to the Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant for a birthday dinner with his friends in May 2014. During an April tribunal hearing, Wickham testified that after the server took the group’s order, they were asked to prepay for the food, citing that it was the restaurant’s policy.

Wickham, who noticed that he and his friends were the only Black people at the restaurant, said he asked other patrons if they had paid before receiving their meals and was told no. After further questioning the server, the group discovered that they were the only ones asked to prepay, according to The Globe and Mail.


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