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Report: Chicago most corrupt city in U.S.

By Craig Wall,

A report released Tuesday ranks Chicago as the most corrupt city in the country and Illinois as the third-most corrupt state.

“What we find is a very dreary picture. In nearly every sector, whether you talk about aldermen, you talk about Chicago schools, you talk about contracts, in every area corruption is still rife in the city of Chicago,” said Dick Simpson, lead author of the “Continuing Corruption in Illinois” study and a University of Illinois Chicago political science professor.

The study was released by UIC’s Political Science Department. READ THE FULL REPORT

Simpson called former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett the corruption poster child for taking $2 million in bribes. He also cites the convictions of former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert in a sex abuse scandal, Congressman Aaron Schock’s indictment on fraud and theft charges, and the pending case against Chicago Ald. Willie Cochran for bribery and extortion.


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