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Rep. Kelly appears on MSNBC’s Saturday show with Jonathan Capehart to discuss Black maternal health disparities

In case you missed it, Congresswoman Robin Kelly joined MSNBC’s The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart to discuss recent reporting about the racism and sexism which underlie disproportionately high maternal mortality and morbidity rates for Black women.

“The more we talk about [maternal mortality], the more we are able to pass legislation, the more the media brings it to the forefront. I think that we will make some strides and we have made strides. We did in the 117th Congress,” said Congresswoman Robin Kelly.  “It is extremely important we pass legislation for data to be collected and then one federal agency or aggregate the data. The problem is some states don’t collect data or they collected. They collect it in different ways. So we really don’t get the full picture. But we’re changing that now.”



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